WordPress Powered eCommerce Stores

WordPress powered eCommerce stores can be very profitable.

PLR4WP Volume 11 how to build a WordPress Powered eCommerce site

Properly setting up your eStore can be a headache if you do not have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Ideally video instruction so you can see exactly what is being done versus just reading what someone is telling you to do.

Yes I’m a little (okay, a lot) biased about the whole video vs eBook training methods but I’ve read plenty of eBook training that has left out tid-bits of steps that my end results were far from what the eBook authors were.

But I digress…

Once you have your WordPress powered eStore built and loaded with products, & you have the traffic coming in, with minor maintenance, your eStore is a 24/7/365 money maker.

Because of the expense – or lack there of, in building your eCommerce store, you can quickly build additional WordPress powered eStores for a number of in-demand niches.

Here is where a possible wrench can get thrown into the works.

You want to add a cool plugin or you saw a theme that might increase your conversions but after you install and activate that theme or plugin, your 24/7/365 money machine is down for the count!

Your Site Is Broken!

Whether you begin getting angry support tickets or simply not generating income OR BOTH – you have a problem!

There is a solution to this and it is the use of a staging site.

This staging site can be one that is on your web host or hosted locally on your computer – or both.

With a staging site system in place, your money making eStore is NEVER in jeopardy of closing because of an untested plugin or theme being added. Those elements are first added to your staging site and all tweaks are made there before being introduced to the main money site.

If your staging site breaks – your business dodges a bullet.

Plus you can take all the time you need to fix the problem on your staging site without the massive stress dropped on you if those fixes needed to be made on your money site.

It just so happens that I have a training videos on these topics.

Among others, one on building WordPress powered eCommerce sites. Check out this series at http://plr4wp.com/volume-11/ You’ll see full descriptions of each video, sample video for you to hear and see the video quality as well as the rest of the goodies that go with this set.

The other on building your locally hosted staging system. http://plr4wp.com/volume-04/

Have a look-see and let me know if you have any questions.

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