WordPress Plugin Safety

WordPress Plugin Safety
If you are going to be using free WordPress plugins then the safest place to get them is from the WordPress.org plugin directory.

WordPress.org runs all the plugins in their directory through a battery of tests prior to accepting them into the directory.

This way when you download a plugin from the directory you know that it does not contain viruses or malware.

Here is the potential problem with these WordPress.org safe plugins…

When a plugin is removed from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory no warning is provided in the WordPress admin area if that plugin is installed in a website. Plugins can be removed for the following reasons:

  • They are found to break the GPL.
  • They are found to break the directory rules.
  • Other plugins by the author are found to be a problem and all are removed pending investigation.
  • The author asks for it to be closed.
  • The author asks for it to be closed because they are re-releasing under a different name.
  • It is being investigated after non-specific complaints.
  • There is a security vulnerability.

Here is the solution…


You can read more about the plugin at the link above.

Hope this helps keep you a little bit safer:-)

– Steve D.


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