What Is PLR

What Is PLR

If you’ve been Internet marketing for long, you’ve come across the term private label rights or PLR.  What is PLR and how does it differ from other licenses like master resale rights?  And why should you care about the differences?

When we refer to PLR, what is meant is the product, which could be something as simple as a pack of articles or as complex as a complete marketing package with eBooks and audio recordings, has a license granting the new owner the right to use the content as he or she sees fit.

Someone else has done the writing (or recording), and possibly had a nice website template put together with sales letter and graphics. Then, rather than trying to market it themselves, make it available for sale to many others.

Some PLR sites are membership based, meaning the number of buyers is limited. Others have no membership. You might get a lot more content with a membership, but some of it may not be the niche you’re looking for. With a no-membership PLR site, you pick and choose what niche topics you’re going to buy so that none of it ends up gathering dust on your hard drive.

With PLR, you’re given a license that tells specifically what you can and can’t do with the package.  The best PLR are those that have an unconditional license that basically allows the new owner to use and redo the product any way they like.  You can add your own name, add and delete sections, even sell it on to others with a price that you determine. It’s as if you’re the original author without all of the work of authoring.

Unconditional PLR may have only one proviso – and that is that you can’t turn around and resell it as PLR to others. It pays to shop around for PLR.  Pay attention to the wording in the license and if you don’t want to agree to the terms, don’t buy it.

Also, before buying, if you can get a snippet of the text, Google it (in quotes) to see how many times it’s been used on the ‘net.  This way you can get an idea of how many others have purchased the same package.

True unconditional PLR is a money and time saver.  For $50 to $200 you get top quality, well designed content that you would otherwise spend many countless hours producing by yourself or paying through the nose for a freelancer to do something similar.  If your time and money is precious, PLR can be the answer you are looking for.

Let me know what your thoughts are – leave a comment 8)

Steve Dougherty

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4 thoughts on “What Is PLR

  1. sally whitfield

    I love PLR. It’s a prime example of working smarter not harder in the internet marketing business. Using PLR content is a strategy for marketers who don’t have time to write their content or just don’t relish the task of writing.

    1. Steve

      Thanks for the comment Sally.

      You are right about the ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’. I consider myself as a hard worker but one of the first things I look for when doing a particular task is – “If I ever half to do this again – is there a better way?”

      Well with marketing online that ‘better way’ is using private label rights content. 8)

      Thanks again sally.

      Steve Dougherty

  2. The Mad Webmaster

    Great post Steve!

    I’m finding less and less quality when it comes to PLR but I believe the key to success is taking the core PLR product and making it your own by revamping the whole thing. Otherwise you’re just like a junk yard dog fighting with everyone else for your piece of meat.

    Having said that, when you do find great quality (like your products) it gets harder to want to mess with it. Again you can be unique by maybe packaging it differently or presenting in a different style.

    Looking forward to more of your stuff and thanks for the head thump. I needed that. 🙂

    All the best,
    Mad Guy

    1. Steve

      Thanks for the compliment ‘Mad-Guy’.

      With PLR content you have the ability (depending on the rights) to completely re-do or just add your own personalization to it.

      The more you are able to add to or edit it, even if it only adjusting some of the graphics, the less of the ‘meat’ has to be shared with the other Junk Yard Dogs 🙂

      Steve Dougherty


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