Video-What Is A SubDomain

What Is A Sub-Domain

What is a sub-domain?

What is the difference between a sub-directory & a sub-domain?

How can I use a sub-domain?

These and a couple other burning questions are answered in this video
tutorial on What Is A Sub-Domain.

So check out this video and leave a comment to let me know what you
think. Do you use sub-domains? How do you put your sub-domains to work?

Thanks again for checking out the video & remember to voice
your opinion by leaving a comment.

Steve D.

5 thoughts on “Video-What Is A SubDomain

  1. Nick

    Hey Steve,
    Great job on the video!

    One of the things I like about your tutorials … is when your
    able to do and show the process – you do so.

    In other wards – it always helps to watch you create what your

    Well done 🙂

    Nick Teetzel

  2. Pnapika

    Thank You Steve
    Was just in my C-Panel ,before I received your email and looked at add subdomain.. Said to myself some other time I don’t know how to do that and BOOM there you were!
    Going right back to set some up…says I have 90….
    BTW Can you use any social networking sites as a
    sub domain . Don’t think so, but thought I asked anyway.
    You are the Man with the Plans to help Us !Thanks I love Learning.

  3. Tom M

    Hi Steve,
    I am new at all this and have a lot to learn, so this is some great stuff to help anyone trying to understand it all. The video was easy to understand and will help me with my web building.
    Thank You

  4. LeslieB

    Hi Steve, thanks for the information, you have made the process very clear. I have wanted to use this feature on several occasions, but I was not sure if a sub-domain has to be registered. Many thanks for a very clear procedure.


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