Video PLR And 5 More Ways To Profit From It

Video PLR And 5 More Ways To Profit From It

Video PLR Content plrvideodirect.comBefore you decide to buy video PLR you might want to know how it can help you make money.

It’s a valid question, ideally any PLR product you buy is going to serve as an investment.  Here are several ways that video PLR can help you make money.

The many ways to profit from your video plr will depend in part, on the license terms that govern those video plr products. So please review the licenses that tell you what you can and cannot do with the videos BEFORE you implement these ideas.

It also bears mentioning again that it is important to buy quality video plr for best results.

Use it as on-site content.
This is the most obvious way to use PLR content.  Finding content that helps your visitors trust you enough to buy something isn’t always easy, video content provides a clear edge in this department.

Place the video PLR on your YouTube channel and use it to build links back to your website.
If on-site content is challenging off-site content can be twice as challenging.  After all, you’ve saved your best stuff for your site, so what are you going to do now?  Video PLR provides a wonderful answer to this sticky question.

You can make your video PLR more exclusive, too.
Post it on a private YouTube link and then send the link out to your e-mail list.  This will help you build the relationship with your list and demonstrate your commitment to offering high-quality content that is respectful of your subscriber’s time.

Use it as a bonus giveaway to help increase conversions the next time you sell some sort of information product.
If you’ve got a hot product ready to go but have been struggling to figure out your bonus content you’ve found your answer!  Telling your customers they’re going to receive a free video will really ramp up the perceived value of your offering.

Assemble a group of videos and repackage them as one big web course.
For added value, add a workbook or a manual of some form to sell with the package.  Why sell short e-books at $9.97 when you can sell a video series and workbook for $97?

Real, professional video PLR might make you far more money than anything you can create on your own simply because it IS professional.  Your self-created videos won’t reap the same sorts of profits that professional videos will.  You can expect to pay top dollar to have the content custom-created for you, which eats into your profit margins.

Video PLR is sold to many different people, and thus is less costly.

You may be worried because other people are using the same content.  That’s fine, you can edit the video plr to add your own voice, websites, and other branding material.

You should also be aware that everybody markets to a different circle of people.  There are literally billions of people on the internet searching for different products to buy.  You don’t need to find every single buyer, you just need to find ENOUGH buyers.

When you realize that there are literally 75,000 new websites going live each and every day, the chances of a buyer finding your edited, unique video PLR on two different websites is almost slim to none.

So profit from video PLR with confidence, knowing that you are simply doing everything you can to provide your customers with the best value that you can get your hands on.

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– Steve Dougherty

3 thoughts on “Video PLR And 5 More Ways To Profit From It

    1. Steve

      Hey Russell,

      Thanks for your question/comment.

      This is a great question. I would say that it is a potential headache to advertise that you will provide updates because you have just committed yourself to more work after the project has been completed. This is however a fantastic way to keep your Customers happy and to build a mailing list that you can use to alert them when the updates are available. This also allows you to build and maintain a relationship with your Customers and that is how you cultivate repeat buyers.

      If updates are provided I would put some type of limit on it so you are not in a lifetime of work for the one payment. Limits like updates until the next version or up to a certain date.

      That said, I would be more inclined to only provide updates on a series of videos that sell for $50-$100 and maybe not so much on single videos I would sell for a few bucks.

      Hope that helps, but it comes down to weighing the pros & cons of each situation.


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