Video-Introduction To Open Office Writer Templates

An Introduction To Open Office Writer Templates

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out this post.Today I made a short video introducing you to the Open Office Writer and the templates you can use with it.

Open Office is (as I explain in the video) very similar to Microsoft Office only Open Office is what is called open-source (FREE). Most all the features & programs you find in MS Office you will find in Open Office..only without the hefty price tag. for your viewing pleasure – I hope you like it – is the video introducing you to the template feature within Open Office Writer.

Thanks again for popping by and please leave a comment.

Steve Dougherty

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7 thoughts on “Video-Introduction To Open Office Writer Templates

  1. Tracy Yates

    Hey Steve, just watched your video and what can I say?

    It was great!

    I always loved your video tutorials because they are consise, easy to learn from, and really easy to listen to 😉 Of course this one in particular caught my interest 😀 A fellow Warrior directed me to it, and here I am.

    All I can say is thank you. Not only for providing folks with terrific free “how to” videos on a variety of subjects, but for giving me a nod in this one. It is truly appreciated Steve.

    And, I’m so happy you explained how to convert my .odt files over to .ott’s. That was outstanding!

    P.S. – I’m placing a link to this tutorial on my own site, so you may see a rise in traffic…..who knows? Mabye even in sales 😉

    1. Steve

      Tracy I’ve always been a huge fan of yours and I’m happy to give you a shout-out anytime.

      You have the best templates for OpenOffice Writer anywhere so it is my pleasure to help pass the word. Oh yea…thanks for the link.

      Steve Dougherty

  2. ken winston caine

    Hi Steve:

    Would it also work to just change the template file name from odt to ott? That is, right-click on the file, select ‘rename’ and rename the extension from odt to ott?

    Or… is there some magic involved in actually importing it first into OO before saving it under a different extension?

    ken winston caine

    1. Steve

      Hi Ken,

      Not sure if it would work or not. Give it a go and see.
      I know that changing the extension on some files works like a charm. Sometimes though, not so much.

      I get a kick when people are talking about how great a particular video conversion software works, whether its free or costs money. If you are wanting to convert an mp4 video file to most any other format, just change the extension. No fancy software needed.

      – Steve D.

      1. ken winston caine

        Thanks, Steve D.

        I think the extension change DOES work. I got it to do so about a year ago. Haven’t checked again lately. And was never certain that I might not be causing some weirdness somewhere in the code that could eventually be problematic by taking such a simple approach. Suspect that it’s cool, though.



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