Video-How To Add Yesterdays Date To Your Web Page

How To Add Yesterdays Date To Your Web Pages

Here is a video tutorial on how to add a dynamic date display to your web pages for both the current and yesterdays date.

If you are seeing this message instead of the
video that you could be watching, it is because you have your browsers
javascript turned off. Please enable your JavaScript so you can watch
my videos – you can always turn it off again when you are

If you are not sure how to enable or turn
your javascript on then please click this video tutorial link to find
out how –

Here is the link to download the script mentioned in the video –

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Steve D.

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    1 thought on “Video-How To Add Yesterdays Date To Your Web Page

    1. JR Durruthy

      Hey Steve,

      Running into your website was a God send for me. I’ve discovered some tips, ideas, training and the tools to do something worthy online. All from this website

      Thanks a million!

      J.R. Durruthy

      p.s. I’m ordering another one of your products because the first one was OUTSTANDING!


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