Video-Add A Clickable Button To your Videos

How To Add A Clickable
Button To your Videos

Here is a video tutorial on how you can add a Clickable Link to your
videos. This clickable link can be anywhere on your video. You can
decide where on your video it goes and stays for as long as you want it

This link can be a PayPal  Buy-Now Button or any type of
button or link that will take your viewers to another url.

Here is the video and afterwards, leave a comment and let us know what
you think 🙂


Steve D.

6 thoughts on “Video-Add A Clickable Button To your Videos

    1. Steve

      Hello Mary-Lou,

      Unfortunately no. The part of the video that contains the ‘overlay’..the part that is clickable, is not contained within the mp4 file (or swf or flv) that is uploaded to the video hosting sites like YouTube. There are, however, sites that allow you to embed clickable links into your videos.

      I did a video series last year called Video Marketing and I covered a couple of sites that did this. Bubleply and Asterpix (I’m pretty sure these are the names but bot positive of the spelling) are the 2 I showcased in one of the videos.

      I’ll check up on them and edit this reply latter after I find out more.

      Thank you Mary-Lou for your interest in my videos and your comment to this one 🙂

      Talk to you soon.
      Steve Dougherty

  1. Charles

    Here in November 2015, it appears the example video has gone. Where can I see this, and is the method still valid for current browsers?

    1. SteveD

      Hello Charles,

      I brought the video back to life for you.

      The application I was using to secure & play this and many of my other videos on this site died. Since there are 100+ video on this site alone that was using that application, I have been adding the individual videos to the new player as soon as I can or when visitors like yourself ask “Where Did The Video Go?”

      So thank you for that.

      This video is a few years old and since I first created it there have been some tech advancements that make adding clickable images/links onto videos much easier. The technique I demo in this video is still viable though.

      Hope this helps and please let me know if you have questions.

      Thank you for visiting my site & for leaving a comment.

      – Steve D.


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