How To Create A Mirror Effect Using PhotoShop

How To Create A Mirror Effect Using PhotoShop

This post was originally posted on September 13 2009

Here is a video I made on creating a mirror effect using PhotoShop. You can download the video through the download links below this video. You have unrestricted private label rights to the video so you can do with it as you see fit.

You can edit it completely, add your own brand and give it away to your list subscribers as well as use it to gain additional subscribers to your lists.

The video is a short one on how to add a web 2.0 mirror effect to your text.

This video is on using Adobe PhotoShop. The next couple of videos will be on using different software and doing this effect without using any software at all.

Click Here For The MP4 Version to download
Click Here For The WMV Version to download
Click Here For The AVI Version to download

You can download all 3 if you wish – the wmv & avi versions are the source files that can be edited however you wish.

The more you edit them the more unique and different they will be from anyone else who has this video.  cool smiley

Thank you for checking out the video.

Please let me know what you think and if you have different methods you use to do this – let me know and I’ll be happy to give you credit within the video I make using your method.

Just a reminder – there are 2 other videos in this ‘mini-series’ that are also download ready and comes with Unrestricted PLR

Steve Dougherty

7 thoughts on “How To Create A Mirror Effect Using PhotoShop

  1. JR Durruthy

    As many times as I’ve seen other trainers showing how to do mirror images, this one really sunk in on the first time I tried it. Thanks for your valuable content and keep up the good work.

    JR Durruthy

    1. Steve

      Hello & thanks for visiting my site.

      I do video tutorials on many products / subjects. I do not use MS Office
      products that much to have a good enough grasp on them for teaching
      how to use them.

      This is however an area I will be working on but for now, no I do not have any
      videos on Microsoft Office products.

      – Steve D.


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