(This one from Nile was emailed to me on May 31st 2016)

“Steve Dougherty’s products are professional to the max, top quality plus!

I’ve been a satisfied customer of Steve’s since the spring of 2011, and over the years have purchased many of his products, and every damn one of them is superb!

His White Label PLR material has every conceivable format for your convenience, from video, audio, pdf etc…

And when you view his store, you’ll be in for a real treat! Every product is personally created by Steve himself, and they’re the best you can buy!

His instructional tutorials are the best! In-depth, concise and step-by-step! These are a newbie’s dream and a veteran marketer’s best reference!

And the customer service you’ll receive is “Above and Beyond” what you usually receive in this business. Quick, Very Helpful and Courteous service.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better service and/or a more professional in this business than Steve.

Have fun with his products, learn the latest in this industry, and feel secure knowing you’re in good hands, promise.”

Nile Vincent

(This one from Bobby was emailed to me on April 2nd 2014)


First of all a BIG Thank You!

And you may use this as your testimonial if you want but suspect that you do not need it with the way you do business.

I don’t want to sound bragging but I am quite an active big buyer of products both on JV Zoo and Warrior, at least for now till I have my Internet businesses setup. Hence, I believe I am in a position to say something.

I have not even open up the products I bought, which is the WP video training Volume 13 for WP 3.9. However, when I reached the download site, I was very amazed, impressed, appreciative on the with what you offer for just a few dollars and at the way you are conducting business. Believe me, I have never seen such a professional marketer pampering your customer ALL THE WAY. You are not only over delivering, friendly,  and clear with your instructions. But most importantly, you set the example for all as to how business should be conducted over the Internet. Your approach is what I will follow but may be difficult because your standards are so high!

To put things in a nutshell, you are the BEST I have ever seen and even if I do not buy from you in the future because we might be in a different venue of business, I will always put you in the highest priority when your email comes in.

Thanks again for making my day (after day-in-day out of facing some very annoying Internet marketers that don’t live up to their hypes!)

All the best,

(This one from Vernon was emailed to me on July 24th 2014)
Hi Steve,
As you know I’ve bought quiet a few of your video packages and I’d
just like for you to know that I’m always 100% satisfied. It seems
like each one is better than the last. I hope you keep on making them
because you truly are one of the few people that puts out quality PLR
products, and every Internet Marketer can always use more quality PLR
products. Thanks a bunch buddy!Vernon Noyes



I’ve purchased so many plr videos and I’ve to say that your plr products are the best.

I’m glad I came across your site 🙂

-Sam Alnawar

Pinterest Training Videos testimonial image of Sam

I had purchased video tutorial PLR’s of WordPress, Facebook and Twitter from other plr sellers, but wasn’t satisfied at all. I started researching for some quality PLR’s. I researched for few weeks and every search pointed me to Steve D’s site.
So far I have purchased five of his PLR’s, though I was only looking to buy three. I am extremely happy with the quality of the videos.  After I purchased his product I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that in some cases there were more videos than his sales page showed. He has consistently over delivered. As soon as I upload the videos I have purchased, I am already looking forward to buying more of his plr videos.
Any time I have any questions, Steve usually replies back within few hours and sometimes within few minutes. I have even asked Steve’s advice on issues other than his product and he has always helped me out. I deal with many other tech support people and I must say Steve’s support is the best.
I wish Steve had plr videos on some more products.  I would highly recommend his products to anybody.
Thanks Steve for such a great product.
       Lovee A.




I’d wanted to do a series of WordPress Tutorials for my niche which is women over 45. I had started working on them but it was a very time-consuming project.

When I saw your videos, I knew I’d found the perfect solution to my time constraints. Your videos are exactly what I wanted to create myself. Being able to take your clear, concise and easily understood videos and edit them with my intro and voice was a great solution for me. I will now have my training site up in a week or two rather than two to three months if I’d done the videos from scratch in my spare time.

Thanks for producing such a high quality product that I can happily put my own name on without worries.



Connecting women and technology. Helping women create their own eBooks and online businesses.



Hey Steve,

Purchased your PLR video set yesterday and I’m about half way through.

I’m just getting started on internet marketing and happen to run across your web site about a month ago. Decided to give them a try, (I’m setting up to market video’s not decided exact niche yet) got to be so careful you know what I mean.

Just wanted to let you know they are fantastic and I really appreciate someone that delivers what they say.

You haven’t heard the last from me and look forward to a long friendship.
Thanks again,
Sincerely, Chris


Steve at PLR Video Direct not only provides excellent video tutorials for his customers, but also provides a high level of customer service.  The videos are great because they provide information that is useful to the very basic user all the way to the advanced.  The content is great and so is the presentation.  Clean, concise and easy to follow are all things I think of when watching these tutorial videos.

Steve provides excellent customer service as well.

After purchasing my first video series from Steve, I asked if it would be possible for him to upload them to my Amazon S3 bucket.  After a couple of quick emails back and forth, the files were transferred  Amazing!  This is not just an online shop selling old, tired plr videos.  Steve is the man!



Steve, I just wanted to stop by and Thank you so much for all the great

information and the quick responses you have given me. Although I have been
in Search Engine Optimization since 1999 PLR has eluded me until just
recently. It was a breath of fresh air finding the original author of the
content and to find out he really wants to help us all succeed was an added
extra bonus. I am looking so forward to the day I can email you and say I’ve
made my first sale.

Thanks again for all the help!

Audrey Ostoyic


Thanks Steve!
Having you install the site on my hosting account was a huge value to me.  To know that the site you customized for me would be set up by the guy who created it, took a big load off me.  My not having to mess with it freed up my time and let me focus on other things that needed doing.   I highly recommend your installation service.  It’s a no-brainer.  Oh, and the new web designs you created for me are awesome, too. 🙂

Mark Jarmel


Steve’s videos are some of the most professional PLR videos I have seen on the internet in a while.  His voice is also very easy to listen to and learn from.  The customer service I have encountered from his company is one others should learn from.  I recommend his services greatly.

Brian Litman


Wow! Steve has really done a great job with his video tutorials. I have
been a internet marketer for some years now, and I know the time and
work it takes to put into a high quality product. Steve’s video
tutorials are of high quality, clear audio, and very educational.
Again, I bought these videos because I need time to do marketing and
other things. I recommend Steve’s video tutorials to both… those who
want to learn, and those who want to earn online. Thanks Steve for a
great product! Michael J. Homan


Hi Steve
Just dropping by to say a huge thank you and its a thank you in many
ways. The help and support to solve my issues way before I became a
customer was awesome, in fact I would say its second to none.
As for the products purchased? Where do I start?
Quality? Awesome!
Delivery? Supper fast!
Aftercare? Top level!
All in all? Simply, priceless!
If there was an award for top level, high quality and awesome service
or Internet marketer of the year you would get my vote for sure. You
have produced an awesome arsenal of products and topped them with
nothing less than the best customer support and experience – you have a
client in me for the rest of my internet marketing career thats for
I am putting together a number of projects and for almost 90% of them I
have you as my number one go to producer 🙂 – keep up the awesome work
you do, the great products you produce and the excellent service that
goes with it all.
Once again a huge thank you from me now and forever more.
Zulfikar Nore


This is by far the best WordPress video training program that I have
come across, and it is extremely well suited for the newbie, or even
advanced marketer looking for some new tips and strategies. I have
learned more in the first 5 video tutorials than I did in some of the
“free training” out there…and there are well over 35 videos in the
package. I highly recommend Steve’s training videos to get to the next
level as a marketer with WordPress and blogging.
Vincent Brown


I wanted to send you a quick ‘thank you’ for creating such a wonderful
product. I currently run an On-Demand Training membership website that
utilizes video, downloadable PDF’s, podcasts, and other training
materials. Before I found your videos I had to take the time to create
all of them myself. As you know, this was a LONG and tedious process.
Creating a video series consisted of gaining the knowledge, gathering
the info to present, creating a slideshow or screen capture on the
topic, editing it in iMovie, doing voice overs, encoding the video,
etc. Now, all I have to do is pay one low fee and it literally saves me
DAYS on adding new content to my membership site.
Thanks again for an amazing product and I look forward to all your
future releases.
Best Regards,
Jeff Dyson
Dyson Technologies


If you are looking for incredibly high quality content that
you can re-brand and sell as your own, coupled with after sales service
that is literally ‘second to none’ then I defy you to find a better
source of current, PLR video topics than these!

Let me explain…

Although I’m not new to the internet and web marketing (ten
years and counting) I’m no expert when it comes to video. So when I
experienced problems in customizing the videos (which incidentally was
more to do with the computer set-up than the video’s themselves) Steve
was there within a couple of hours with a PERSONALIZED VIDEO reply –
not once but on FOUR OCCASIONS!

Needless to say the problem was resolved without delay. This
is a model for what customer service should be really like.

I just hope you can maintain it Steve, it was GREAT doing
business with you!


Maurice J.


Danette Hibberd

Deciding to add video trainings to my Academy site, I took on
the task of searching the net to find suitable videos for my
subscribers. I came across a lot of ‘junk’ and stuff that was being
used by many others – some of which were considerably more expensive
but provided very little in return and were often very confusing.

Then I found Steve and plrvideodirect.

Not only were his videos of excellent quality, but his step by step
instructions, clear teaching method and comprehensive coverage of the
topic in question were fabulous. I instantly knew I had found the
perfect tools for my subscribers – who are all at various skill levels
in their particular businesses and would eagerly and easily consume the
information he shares.

And when I had any questions about how to customize the
videos, or get started with his products, the customer service with
personalized videos just blew me away.

Thank you Steve for offering the product and service that you do. PLR
Video Direct has made my job so much easier and all my subscribers so
much happier – and we’re all that much more knowledgeable as we devour
the content with each new series.

And … I can’t wait for the next series. Bring it on!

Danette Hibberd



Paul Ellis from mad-u.com The Mad Webmasters Testimony

Paul Ellis from mad-u.com The Mad Webmasters Testimony


All I can say is WOW! Your videos are among the best I have ever
watched. Not only did I learn a lot from your presentations, I actually
enjoyed listening to what you had to say. Your voice-over was very
professional. It was unassuming and friendly. A real down to earth
No fluff, just excellent information provided in an easy to understand
and follow presentation. I have been struggling for a couple of years
with no success. After watching your videos, I experienced the much
sought after “Aha!” moment. I found solutions to many of the problems
which had been hindering my progress. Through your videos, I have a
renewed sense of urgency and a confidence I haven’t felt in a long
For those who have yet to realize success with internet marketing, your
videos are an absolutely MUST HAVE learning tool. They will literally
shave months off the learning curve. I just regret that I didn’t have
them when I started out.
Thank you for producing these videos. They have helped me and will help
thousands of others. Keep up the good work; we really need you!
Rudy Roesel
Jamestown, NC


Steve’s video series products are the best I have ever had the great
pleasure to download and use. His natural presentation style is very
easy going and casual. It’s a pleasure listening to him as he presents
the well researched material.
Steve sets a new level of excellence in customer support. I ran into a
problem and contacted him. He personally responded to my question
within hours and did his best to help me. It turned out to be a problem
on my PC.
I have a deep respect for this fine man and highly recommend his
products. Spend the money and purchase his product. You will not be
Kind regards,
Dennis McRae
Hawthorne, NJ USA


Achinta “Archie” Mitra DiY Marketing Coach
Hello Steve,

Just a quick note to thank
you for the awesome experience I had recently after buying one of your
PLR video series.

Your videos are of the highest quality and very well put together. Your
attention to details is incredible. It is obvious that you didn’t just
put together something over a weekend to make a few bucks. You’ve put
in a lot of time and effort into these and the quality shows!
I love your style of narrating with a touch of humor. You explain
complex ideas without making it dull and put the viewer immediately at
ease. That helps a lot when someone is learning a new concept.
What really blew me away was the level of personal service that I
received after the sale. You went out of your way to research my
problem with AVI files and came up with a workaround. Even though the
cause of my problem was the newer 64-bit version of WMM and not your
files, you spent your time on a Saturday to send me alternate file
I’ve come across many business owners who pay mere lip service to
customer support. Steve, you on other hand delivered the ultimate in
customer service in my opinion. You are an honest businessman and a
gentleman. Very refreshing in this day and age. I do appreciate your
I’ll be back to buy more of your videos and gladly spread the word
about you.
Best Regards,
Achinta “Archie” Mitra
DiY Marketing Coach


PLR Video Direct Customer Testimonial
I recently have joined plrvideodirect.com and found everything that I
need to resell great quality videos.
But what really makes plrvideodirect such a keeper is your customer
service that you showed towards me.
Recently I ask Steve how to do a particular task using Amazon’s S3 web
services, and not only did Steve give me a clear, step by step answer,
but he personalized a video just for me to show me how to perform the
exact task in which I was having problems with.
This alone goes far and beyond the call of duty, but shows that Steve
is dedicated to his customers.
Steve was helpful and sincere in providing assistance to my problem and
even told me that he would make additional video tutorials on that
particular subject if I had any more problems!
Wow! Great service Steve! The Price of your membership is well-worth
the $47 dollar price tag!
Thanks again,
Beau Penaranda


KenanPLR Video Direct Member, Kenan Would To Tell You ... Hi Steve,
I just wanted to let you know that I am, truly amazed with the quality of
your products and the fantastic support you’re providing.

a member of your website, feels like being welcomed into a great family.

that’s exactly why I would recommend PLRVideoDirect.com
to anyone who is looking for hot Private Label Rights Videos!

you so much.



I just reviewed your PLR Video Direct membership and I have
to say that it is quite unique. By that I mean that it is not like most
other PLR products I have seen. In particular the Feature Video Series
original videos are of a high quality.
The problem with most PLR products is that they are
practically useless “out of the box” and require considerable reworking
to render them wothy of resale. Additionally, many of the PLR products
on the market are “unrestricted” which means that within minutes of
release you will see hundreds of resellers “giving” them away for $5 or
With PLR Video Direct these typical PLR curses are not a
problem. Steve Dougherty is the voice of the videos and English is his
first language (a big plus). Also, the fact that more than one minisite
is included makes these particularly useful. Top that off with some
much needed restrictions on the use of the videos and you are insured
of a high quality product that you can sell at a premium price straight
out of the box.
Overall grade: A+
Ron Herman



Dear Steve,

I am impressed!

Since I recorded and uploaded my very first video in 2004, I have seen my income grow, especially from using “How To”style training videos like yours.

However I do not have much time to research, plan, record and edit the videos anymore. So I have invested over a $1,000 in many Private Label videos over the last 2 years but have always been let down by the content and quality.

BUT then, Steve, I got hold of your PLR Videos.

They not only exceeded my expectations on their quality, content, and cost; but they have also allowed me to start building a new income stream – WITHOUT all the work!

I highly recommend anyone struggling to earn an income online, to leverage the hard work Steve has already done in creating these videos.Great work Steve.

Regards Marc Liron Microsoft MVP www.marctalkstech.com


10 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Zulfikar

    Hi Steve

    Just dropping by to say a huge thank you and its a thank you in many ways. The help and support to solve my issues way before I became a customer was awesome, infact I would say its second to none.

    As for the products purchased? Where do I start?
    Quality? Awesome!
    Delivery? Supper fast!
    Aftercare? Top level!
    All in all? Simply, priceless!

    If there was an award for top level, high quality and awesome service or Internet marketer of the year you would get my vote for sure. You have produced an awesome arsenal of products and topped them with nothing less than the best customer support and experience – you have a client in me for the rest of my internet marketing career thats for sure.

    I am putting together a number of projects and for almost 90% of them I have you as my number one go to producer 🙂 – keep up the awesome work you do, the great products you produce and the excellent service that goes with it all.

    Once again a huge thank you from me now and forever more.

    Zulfikar Nore

  2. Mike Homan

    Hi Steve,

    I wanted to let you know what I thought of the last two video series products I purchased from you. I have seen other similar products, most fall short of quality. Your videos have crystal clear audio, and were put together very well as for the content flow, which helps people learn in a step by step manner.

    I also think you offer a good deal price-wise when considering all of the video formats in your product sets, plus the well designed graphics, sales and download pages.

    If I were to recommend your products to anyone, it would be those who want to learn the topics you offer, or who are interested in a top quality product they can put their name on it and sell for a profit.

    And thanks for your kind help during the download process. keep up the great work!

  3. Graeme Beggs

    Hi Steve.
    After the fantastic assistance you provided for me with my loss of files (read loss of computer and back up hard drive due to water damage) I have to thank you for this service.
    An email to Steve asking if another download link could be obtained resulted in a reply within two hours providing not only a download link but also a personalized video showing how to use Amazon S3 as a backup for my files. Additionally, Steve offered to transfer the videos to my new S3 account, an offer I gratefully accepted. To top it off he also found the details of two previous purchases I had made and transferred them also.

    Videos of excellent quality, audio pleasant to listen to, and a relaxing and at times humorous presentation. And excellent customer service. I’ll be back again for more videos and I can highly recommend Steve’s products and service.

    Once again thanks Steve, and next time the ship on which I work tries to sink I’ll make sure my equipment is not in the engineering spaces but on the top deck.

    Graeme Beggs.
    Chief Engineer, MV Eco Abrolhos.

  4. A. David Beaman

    Steve’s videos are excellent and the price is right! I run a high quality, PLR membership site and I use Steve’s Videos to provide training on my site. This is only one of the many excellent uses for his videos. I highly recommend his products.

  5. Paul Touranjoe

    Hi Steve,

    I found your site on the recommendation of a friend. After watching a few video snippets of what you offer and reading some of your testimonials I can see why my friend recommended you.

    I’m bookmarking your blog. Your customers comments show you really care. I love great customer service and someone that takes his business and customers seriously.

    I’ll be back and pick up a few videos when I have more time. I think the first will be the blog to Facebook fan page. Interesting!


    1. Steve

      Thanks Paul, that means a lot to me. 🙂
      I do take my Customers seriously and try to do what I can to help them even before they become a Customer. That is how you build relationships with people.

      That will quickly turn into a long-term business and when you have people recommending you to their friends, that means something.

      Thank you Paul for listening to your friend as well as your kind words.

      – Steve Dougherty

  6. Marc Turner

    I will say this with much love – Steve is one of the most important people of influence of our time and I truly have been blessed to find your products and hope to see new tools in the near future.

    1. Steve

      Thank you Marc for your kind words.
      It is comments like yours that make it easier to spend a little more time & add that little extra something to each of the products I create.

      – Steve D.

  7. Allen Lundy

    I recently purchased a product with PLR and the owner promised to upload and set up everything on Amazon for me, so all I had to do was find and replace the urls with already to do download links.

    Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

    So, I let my fingers do the walking and found Steve’s videos. I sent him an email asking a few questions, and not only did I get a response in about 2 hours, the additional information her provided was absolutely awesome.

    Long story short, I purchased his Amazon S3 video’s and information he provided in my emails BEFORE I purchased, and all the videos and awesome suggestions he provided, I had all 400+ videos uploaded before I went to bed.

    Amazing quality, and amazin INFORMATION. I definately will purchase many more of Steve’s products.

    Steve emulates what customer service is all about, and his high quality products are definately above and beyond most of the PLR I have purchased.

    Thanks Steve



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