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White Label Rights vs Rebranding Rights vs Private Label Rights

white label versus private label products

What is the difference between White Label Rights, Rebranding Rights & Private Label Rights?

Since there is no standard license for any of these 3 types of rights, I’ve seen all 3 used for the same thing – a product that can be edited to some degree.

Beyond that is where many differences come in. Can these rights be passed to the next buyer, can the product be resold at all, can it be used as web site content or given away?

Lets dig a little deeper.

What I’m referring to here is related to digital products.

These license terms, when related to tangible products usually only allow for changing the name on the item.

A white label can of beans will allow you to put your own label on it but not change the ingredients of those beans.

So on with the digital product explanation.

Private Label Rights allow for Continue reading