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Video PLR Why It Should Be A Vital Part Of Your Content Strategy

Video PLR Content image plrvideodirect.comVideo PLR & Your Content Strategy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail and video PLR should be a big part of your plan.

Every website, and every business attached to every website should have some sort of content strategy.  You have to figure out how you’re going to provide great content to as many people as possible across several different formats, both on-site and off-site, if you want to help your site succeed.  This can be an exceptionally daunting task!

Video PLR can remove a lot of the burden.  One video can be as effective as ten written blog posts.  But it can be very stressful to create good video.  You have to manage scripting, lighting, audio presentation, and editing.  Some of these needs require expensive software and special equipment to go along with a fair degree of know-how.

Want to build back links on YouTube but don’t know what to put on your YouTube channel?  Get some good video PLR, write great, keyword-rich descriptions which includes the url to your website and post the video.  You’ll have what you need out of YouTube with no additional work.

Want to build trust and show you’ve got the chops to run an authority site?  Think about editing your PLR videos so you can brand them with Continue reading

Video Content Makes Websites Better

plrvideodirect.com video content imageVideo Content Makes Websites Better

Why would you need or want video content for your websites?  What’s wrong with good old fashioned text content?  Why would you want to create videos, or buy PLR videos to showcase on your site?  These are all very valid questions!

• Video allows you to present valuable content in a different way.  Not everybody has the patience or the attention span to read through your carefully crafted written content.  Some people just have to see it and hear it.  It can take someone 15 minutes to read through content that a video can produce in a matter of 2 minutes.

• Some things are just better on video.  It’s much easier to show somebody a complicated technique than it is to tell them about it.  If have to show your customers “how to” do anything video offers a superior method for getting your point across.

• Video content establishes professionalism.  Place two websites side by side.  All else between the two websites is equal—except one has video and one does not.  Think fast—which company is going to come across as the more professional, trustworthy company?  Right, the company that has video.  Video will give your company Continue reading

PLR Video Direct


steve-dougherty Hello, my name is Steve Dougherty & I want to thank you for paying me a visit. Please do not be a stranger – I’m always adding new videos and content for you to learn AND earn from.

In the sidebar just to the right of this post, under the heading “My Re-Brandable Video Courses”, you will See all of my available private label right or PLR video packages I have created and are for sale.

By clicking on the product title just above the product image you will be directed to a new page (so you will not lose your place) for more details on that plr video product.

There you will see a sample video along with additional details describing the contents of that particular plr video package.

Some of these pages are in the form of a long sales page and others are a simple short page with the basic info such as the video titles of that plr video product, sample video and the payment button.

You may have seen these same video series with different e-Covers but you have found the originating source. Please feel free to poke around. Those of you that have any suggestions, questions or comments, you can use the Contact Us link in the top navigation bar or you can just email me.. steve @ plrvideodirect.com

I’m constantly updating the content and there is a new PLR Video series created (by me) released regularly, so don’t be a stranger – you are always welcome. I’ll leave the light on for you

The Following Are The Sample Videos For The Video Packages In The Right Sidebar:

Easy WP3 Videos >>


Facebook How-To Videos >>


WordPress Video Manual >>


Amazon S3 Sample Video >>


Your PLR Makeover Sample Video >>

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