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CloudBerry Backup Plus MS Azure Plus A Story

Hopefully by now you know that doing backups are important – If not…


Sorry for yelling but backups are important and I wanted to make that very clear and having mentioned it 3 times so far and yelling it, I think I’ve made my point.

I do backups of all my websites at least weekly and that includes the files and databases when there is one.

But that is only part of the backup process. Many of these backups are stored on my computer and if it goes belly up then all those website backups go pfft (that is tech talk for destroyed).

So you need to backup the important files on your computer on a regular basis.

Now I’m a bit more paranoid than the average person so I have a ‘few’ redundancies in place. First, I synchronize the Continue reading

Video-How To Add Yesterdays Date To Your Web Page

How To Add Yesterdays Date To Your Web Pages

Here is a video tutorial on how to add a dynamic date display to your web pages for both the current and yesterdays date.

If you are seeing this message instead of the
video that you could be watching, it is because you have your browsers
javascript turned off. Please enable your JavaScript so you can watch
my videos – you can always turn it off again when you are

If you are not sure how to enable or turn
your javascript on then please click this video tutorial link to find
out how – http://screencast.com/t/YWE1ZThlO

Here is the link to download the script mentioned in the video – http://plrvideodirect.com/script.zip

Let me know what you think – leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steve D.

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    your opinion by leaving a comment.

    Steve D.