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Step 2 To Monetizing Your Videos With Advertisements

In Step 1 of Monetizing Your Videos With Advertisements, I introduced you to a powerful, FREE and time saving ad server from Google called DoubleClick aka DFP Small Business.

In Step 2 of Monetizing Your Videos With Advertisements, I’ll..

1.Signup for Google DFP Small Business

2. Adjust the Admin settings

3. Create a new Advertiser (Your name, product name or the name of the company paying you to place ads on your site – This is one of the items in Creating a New Order)

4. Create a Creative (a Creative is basically the video or banner ad that will be placed on the video)

5. Create an Order & Line Item (The Order is the Advertiser or Company paying for the ads & the Line Item is the Campaign. The Line Items or Campaigns contain the Creatives or video ads and banners. Each Order can contain as many Line Items as you want and each Line Item can contain as many Creatives as you like)

6. Add Creative to the Line Item (You can assign as many creatives to a Line Item as you want)

7. Create an Ad Unit (The Ad Unit contains the Line Item & Creative as well as defines where on your site the ads are displayed. For our demo, it will just contain the Line Item & Creative)

8. Generate Code to Place in the Video Player

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Step 1 To Monetizing Your Videos With Advertisements

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to monetize your content. plrvideodirect monetize videos

This can be done with adsense ads, affiliate links, selling ad space on your site and sometimes even banner ads work.

YouTube monetizes their content much the same way.

Video creators can apply for the Partner Program, which is basically an Adsense program for YouTube.

If accepted, the video creator is given the tools within their YouTube video manager to position advertisements on their uploaded videos.

YouTube pays out millions annually to these Partners so obviously there is a lot of money being made by putting ads on videos.

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