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Trend Spotting Tips For Choosing Your Info Product Niche

Trend Spotting Tips
For Choosing Your Info Product Niche

There are always certain topics that remain the same in nature and some that evolve from year to year (even faster in many instances). If you enter a niche where trend spotting is important, then that’s a skill you need to learn how to master.

For example, if you were to write an eBook about the grieving process when a loved one dies, you could get away with writing an eBook that pretty much didn’t change from year to year (unless there was some new mind-blowing process someone came out with). Dog training is another similar niche – dogs aren’t changing, so training them pretty much remains consistent over the years.

But if you are in a niche about fashion, Internet marketing, finances, or technology, then you’d better stay abreast of several things – consumer needs, wants and demands and marketplace developments that create selling opportunities for you.

Let’s take finances as an example first. Consumers are going through a disastrous economical crunch right now. They need, want and demand money savers. Your info product could teach a wide variety of things.

When gas prices hit the roof, a ton of eBooks about saving on gas were flooded into the marketplace, but what else happened? Technology developers created tools to help convert water into gas and stretch the gas out. Those who were early on this trend made a lot of money with it.

In 2010, consumers will continue to need cost cutting advice. We’re not out of the recession yet. They’ll also need advice on how to find or keep a job, since unemployment is very high going into the New Year. Work at home topics will be highly sought after for those who want to save on daycare and commuting costs, or those who weren’t able to find a job the traditional way.

Mobile networks will become even more popular in 2010. Cell phones, social networking from your mobile gadget – all are on the horizon of becoming mainstream, where grandma has a Motorola Droid and she’s Tweeting at her grandchildren’s recital. Even your gadgets will have gadgets developed for them. Cell phones are going to have boosters – if you only get 1 bar in a certain area, you can use a gadget that boosts you by 3 more bars.

In the gaming niche, video games will almost make hand-held clunky controllers a thing of the past – developers are coming out with games that are controlled more by the movements of your own body.

You’ll need to determine if your own niche has trending possibilities and create a forecast based on some market research that you conduct with keywords and a little investigative spying on what manufacturers or experts are predicting.

I hope these tips on trend spotting for your niche will help you profit in 2010 and beyond.

Steve Dougherty

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