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Video Proof Getting Ranked On Page 1 Of Google In Less Than 5 Minutes

google page 1 rankFirst off I want to apologize for the huge size of the video because I recorded my entire screen so everything could be shown. Ya know…nothing up my sleeves… 🙂


Anyway, this video shows me publishing the post just prior to this post, on the December 2011 coupon for Namecheap.com.

The video is recorded using Jing which will record a great video but the max length is 5 minutes and I think there was about 40 seconds left when I refreshed the Google page the last time and showed where I was at the 3rd, 4th & 5th position on the first page.

This is not meant to be a lesson in SEO or any lesson actually. Just a short video of me having fun with getting top ranking on Google.

As a matter of fact, I just checked Bing & Yahoo and Yahoo is number 2 position page 1 & Bing is also number 2 page 1.

I’m sure there are several elements that come into play in order for this to happen. Maybe one day I’ll spend the time to note it all down and post that here as well. 😉

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my video.

– Steve D.

PS. Please feel free to purchase a domain from Namecheap using the coupon and if you click on the link in my post for the December coupon, I’ll get a little coin in my pocket as well as you getting a discounted price. Win-Win!

One Site One Theme

One Site – One Theme

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t try to optimize your home page for more than one theme. They just end up weakening each others strength
when you do that.

By using simple links to your alternative content, a link to your humor page can get folks where they want to go, and then you can write your humor page as a secondary index optimized toward a humor theme.

In the end, each page should be optimized for search engines for the main topic of that page or site section.

Search engine optimization is made up of many simple techniques that work together to create a comprehensive overall strategy. This combination of
techniques is greater as a whole than the sum of the parts. While you can skip any small technique that is a part of the overall strategy, it will subtract from the edge you’d gain by employing all the tactics.

So when possible, try and include as many pieces of the SEO puzzle as you can and your search engine results ranking will reward you handsomely.

Until next time…

Steve Dougherty

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