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WordPress and Hidden Features – Screen Options

A lot of users of WordPress are very happy with the functions that are laid out in front of them as they navigate from one section of the Admin area to another.

1.plrvideo direct WordPress Hidden Features-Screen Options tab

2.plrvideo direct WordPress Hidden Features-Screen Options tab2

The fact is that there are many others (functions) hidden under the Screen Options tab in the top right-hand corner of the different Admin sections.

In the editor section, when you toggle on the Screen Options tab, you will see things like Excerpt, allowing you to create excerpts of your posts, Author for changing the post’s author if your site has several contributors, and Slug for editing the URL of your post, including the desired keywords and making it more SEO friendly.

You can even use the Discussion feature to update your preferences for trackbacks & pingbacks if you are into that sort of thing. As well as turning on or off your default Allow Comments feature on a post by post basis.

There are some plugin developers that use the Screen Options feature to hide or show certain options they have built into their plugin.

So the next time you log into your WordPress admin area, be sure to click on the drop-down tab in the upper-right corner of whatever section you are in and see what hidden gems might be there for you to use.

Thanks for checking out my WordPress Hidden Features – Screen Options post.

– Steve Dougherty