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PLR vs Resell Rights

PLR vs. Resell Rights

What is the difference between private label rights ( PLR ) & Resell Rights? They are pretty much the same thing right? You buy them and resell them.

Read on…

Do you purchase digital products in order to resell them?
If you are a veteran or a novice online marketer, you should consider doing this as at least one stream of your online income.
1.You purchase the product
2.Download to your computer and check to make sure everything is there that is supposed to be there.
3.Edit the download page by adding back-end money generating elements like bonus products and affiliate links that will bring in commissions.
4.Zip (compress into a zip file) the product up and upload it to your server.
5.Add your payment button (PayPal or whatever you use) to your sales copy. Upload it, your graphics & download page to your server.
6.Rinse & Repeat!

As a novice (newbie) this my seem a bit tedious but after you’ve done this a few times you develop a system and it quickly becomes second nature.

What does this have to do with Resell Rights vs. Private Label Rights ( PLR )?

Well if you are doing steps 1 through 6 on the Resell Rights AND the Private Label Rights ( PLR ) products you are purchasing and not editing the products of your PLR purchases, then you are leaving buckets of bucks on the table.

I am finding more & more that a lot of people are buying PLR products and reselling them ‘as is’. Not even changing the graphics or even the name of the product. Whats worse is that they think that by lowering their sales price that they will get more sales than the other bazillion people that purchased the same Private Label Rights ( PLR ) products.

All this does is start the lowering of the price by all the other buyers until its only value is to be given away.

There will always be those that, by lack of know-how or time (I did not say lazy), will never edit the PLR that they purchase. This mild rant is not directed at them.

Instead, I ask that you – the information product creator – to take a little extra time and add another step to the 6 steps mentioned above. This step will have you editing the PLR eBook, PLR Articles, PLR Software or the PLR Videos. At least the name and graphics.

This way you are no longer directly competing against the people reselling for pennies what you are selling for dollars.

This additional step will increase your bottom line and like the other 6 steps, after you do this a few times, it too will become second nature.

So don’t follow those that are chasing after pennies repeatedly…Follow those that are banking the cash then rinse & repeat!

Thanks for checking out my post!

Steve D.