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White Label Rights vs Rebranding Rights vs Private Label Rights

white label versus private label products

What is the difference between White Label Rights, Rebranding Rights & Private Label Rights?

Since there is no standard license for any of these 3 types of rights, I’ve seen all 3 used for the same thing – a product that can be edited to some degree.

Beyond that is where many differences come in. Can these rights be passed to the next buyer, can the product be resold at all, can it be used as web site content or given away?

Lets dig a little deeper.

What I’m referring to here is related to digital products.

These license terms, when related to tangible products usually only allow for changing the name on the item.

A white label can of beans will allow you to put your own label on it but not change the ingredients of those beans.

So on with the digital product explanation.

Private Label Rights allow for Continue reading

Private Label Rights Content

Private Label Rights Content

With private label rights content, it has become simpler and quicker to sell products online.  This way, you don’t have to stump your brain trying
to figure out what to write, record, create or say.  Using private label rights content can lessen the strain of that.

This is especially true if you’re not into or can’t do some type of structured writing for example.  The important thing is to make sure you modify your content before it becomes a finished product. Just putting your Buy Now Button on your newly acquired PLR Content is not the most profitable way to market your goodies.

With private label rights content, you must broaden your scope of what you have.  It’s more than just the article content that was purchased.  The amount of profit you make will be determined by how your structure the quality of the content when you modify it.

The quantity has nothing to do with how well your products sell using private label content.  You can sell 200 copies and if the content isn’t up to
snuff, then you might be looking at refunds down the line.  So the better structured and informative your content is, the more chance you have of
maximizing your profits.

Even though a lot of the information that people are looking for can be found for free on the internet, who wants to spend hours upon hours looking for it?  They would just rather pay for information that they can receive in a matter of minutes.

They’re looking for products they can access in an instant.  That’s where you come in. You can be the broker for what they’re looking for.  People are looking for answers to solve their issues.  If you have the information they need in a solid, informative way, they’ll buy it from you.

Quality content reigns supreme and it is the key to making lucrative profits in the information era.  That is what a lot of people who search the Internet are looking for:  information.  They want information and they want it now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now.

If you already have information on the subject, that makes it easy for you.  If you don’t, it can be very time consuming to get that information.

That’s why it’s good to use private label content and you can modify it to your specifications.

When you’re selling private label content, you will get more profits for unique content than you would if you were just selling the same pre-packaged private label rights content that you and 100’s of others are selling.  This is because people don’t want to be in the bunch where everyone on the planet has the same thing.

The original writer can sell the same private label rights content more than one time.  This concept can make their content profitable to purchase.

When you create and sell unique content, the person who purchases it from you is now the owner of the content.

You can continue to make lucrative profits with unique content by charging more money for it.  This is because the content itself is original and not some rehashed stuff that has been floating from place to place.

So before you put you Paypal button on your private label rights content – do yourself and your bank account a favor and re-purpose or add your own
‘spin’ on it and make it unique.

Steve Dougherty

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Steps To Making Money From PLR

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Make Money By Selling Private Label Rights (PLR) To Your Product

Make Money by Creating Private Label Products – Part 2

You have been joining various groups (Google Groups is a great one) and within the discussions you have come across several problems of the groups members that require solving. These solutions are your ‘Products-To-Be’.

These same ‘Problems’ can be discovered in various forums as well. Whether it is a forum or a group, be sure and post helpful comments to establish yourself as an ‘authority’ on that issue. How do you become an authority? You become an authority by doing your research.

In the beginning, your researching may be like wearing those brand new shoes – uncomfortable until they are broken in. Once you have worn them several times, they are like a second skin. Same with your research tactics/skills. After you have found additional tools and help on locating info, the easier it will get. The faster you will be and the bigger the authority on various topics you will become.

Once you have created a product that is in demand, whether that product be a collection of articles, an e-book, a software program, graphics or a video, you will want to advertise that the resell rights for that product are for sale.  Most individuals do that by creating a webpage or blog.  Your webpage could be simple or elaborate; however you want it to be.  After time, prospective buyers will flock to your website wanting to purchase the resell rights to your product. Before you can sell the resell rights, you will need to be prepared to answer a few questions from prospective buyers. These questions may range from the price of your resell rights to information on the product that you have.

One thing you may want to consider at this point, is to have a squeeze page setup. If you have an email capture page (squeeze page) setup so that the prospective buyers are offered a free report or gift related to your resell rights offer once they provide you with their name and email address, you will be able to alert them more easily each time you have a new product to release.

Before you place the resell rights to your product for sale, there are a number of important things that you may want to take into consideration. Mainly, what restrictions will your rights contain? Locate other product sellers and resellers and view their reseller license agreements. Take notes of the items they allow and dis-allow. This will help you know what to include in your license agreements.

One of the most common questioned asked, concerning the creation of private label products is why not just sell them yourself?  Of course, you can market and sell your own product if you want to, but it may take a large amount of time and maybe even money. That is why many individuals prefer to sell the resell rights to their product. By selling the rights to your product, you are able to profit from your creation without doing any additional work.

There have been a number of different freelance writers and freelance software designers who have found success by creating products and then offering their resale rights for sale. With a little bit of hard work and determination, you could find that same success.

Steve Dougherty

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