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PLR Video Content Re-purposing Tip and Demo

PLR Video Re-purposing Tips

This demo video first shows you an example of a re-purposed plr video then shows you the tools, items, and the process to get to that end result.

PLR Video Content Re-purposing Tips plrvideodirect.com

There are several reasons why people purchase private label or white label videos.

Two reasons that come to mind are reselling and as a shortcut to product creation.

I’ll cover the ‘reselling’ reason in a future post but for now, I want to talk about using PLR videos for product creation.

I want to preface this post by saying there is little if any instant steps involved in re-purposing content of any kind. It will take some effort whether the effort comes from you or you outsource it.

The thing is though, when you compare the effort involved in re-purposing versus creating from scratch, it is pretty darn close to effortless.

Okay, with that out of the way, this PLR video re-purposing tip will use the audio transcripts from the video, a newly recorded voiceover .wav or .mp3 file and some screen-grabs from sections of the original video.

This can be entirely done with free tools if you need to, but I’m using Camtasia Studio 8 to put everything together, Snagit for the screen-grabs, PowerPoint 2010 for the “PPT Slides” and Audacity for the newly recorded audio voiceover.

By the way, when I want to try and do things on the cheap, one site I refer to often is http://alternativeto.net/ When you get there, top right corner of the page is a search box where you enter the name of the program you would like an ‘Alternative’ to. Many of the results are open source or free options.

When I get the time, I’ll put together a demo using all free tools but for now, this is it. That being said, all the premium tools I use in this demo have a free trial or evaluation version so no more excuses. You’re Welcome 🙂

So watch, learn & take action. By the way, this video is from one of the other sites I use for WordPress training called PLR4WP

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PLR Videos Editing Intro and Outro Images

When it comes to editing Private Label Rights products, there are several items you can edit or re-purpose that can makeover your cookie-cutter PLR, into a profitable piece of content.

Profitable in generating income directly by selling it or indirectly by giving it away to build your subscriber list.

With written PLR content you should, among other things, change the title and graphics. With video PLR you should have an introduction image that tells the viewer something about the video they are about to watch. You should also have what is called an outro image that acts as a call to action for the viewer.

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

The outro or call to action image will contain the url to the landing page of your offer and a brief blurb telling the viewer to go there right now! You probably would not use those exact words but the idea is to get the viewer to take action.

One of the items I include with all my PLR video packages is the intro & outro images that can be used as-is or as place-holders so you can replace them with your own.

One way to replace them is to manually create your own images and add them to the beginning and end of each video which, by the way is very time consuming.

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Aweber Formatting Fix For Drag and Drop Editor


I’ve just finished my latest series of training videos with private label rights.

This one is all about Aweber the email marketing service that is regarded by many as the #1 autoresponder service.

The product launch is scheduled for this coming Tuesday the 3rd of June at 10AM EST…

If you want to have a sneak peek and check out the titles & a sample video, head on over to http://howtouseanautoresponder.com

As I mention on the home page,  of How To Use an Autoresponder, I’ve been an Aweber customer since 2006 but have not used it as much as I’d like to.

Mainly because I just didn’t take the time to learn all the goodies that Aweber has to offer.

That changed several months ago.

I began learning all the ins & outs of Aweber and in the process made this series of 22 training videos.

One of the items I discovered was what a pain in the backside it was to copy content from a Text or Word document & paste into the Drag & Drop editor.

Maybe I was doing it wrong, but the formatting was all messed up and it took me way to much time to fix the added spaces that happened when I did the copy & paste.

Well I found a quick-fix and made a short video (above) to show you the problem AND my solution.

If you know of a different or better way please let me know but in the meantime, take a look-see at the video and let me know what you think

Hope to ‘see ya’ at the launch Tuesday!

The “early-bird” price is only good until Friday the 13th of June when the price goes up.

– Steve D.