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steve-dougherty Hello, my name is Steve Dougherty & I want to thank you for paying me a visit. Please do not be a stranger – I’m always adding new videos and content for you to learn AND earn from.

In the sidebar just to the right of this post, under the heading “My Re-Brandable Video Courses”, you will See all of my available private label right or PLR video packages I have created and are for sale.

By clicking on the product title just above the product image you will be directed to a new page (so you will not lose your place) for more details on that plr video product.

There you will see a sample video along with additional details describing the contents of that particular plr video package.

Some of these pages are in the form of a long sales page and others are a simple short page with the basic info such as the video titles of that plr video product, sample video and the payment button.

You may have seen these same video series with different e-Covers but you have found the originating source. Please feel free to poke around. Those of you that have any suggestions, questions or comments, you can use the Contact Us link in the top navigation bar or you can just email me.. steve @ plrvideodirect.com

I’m constantly updating the content and there is a new PLR Video series created (by me) released regularly, so don’t be a stranger – you are always welcome. I’ll leave the light on for you

The Following Are The Sample Videos For The Video Packages In The Right Sidebar:

Easy WP3 Videos >>


Facebook How-To Videos >>


WordPress Video Manual >>


Amazon S3 Sample Video >>


Your PLR Makeover Sample Video >>

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Making Money From PLR

Can You Really Make Money From Private Label Rights (PLR) Products?

Make Money by Creating Private Label Products – Part 1

Here a some ideas to get you going in the right direction..

A whole bunch of people look for products rights that are for sale.  Those individuals are looking for a product that they can resell to make money. Private label resell rights are a “hot” business opportunity right now.  This is because they allow others to make money by selling a product that they didn’t even create.

A lot of focus is put on the reselling of private label products. Whether it is PLR articles, ebooks, software, graphics or even videos. What some people do not think about is how those products are created. The reality is that these products are created by real people, someone like you. What does this mean for you? This means that if you have a special talent or skill, you could capitalize on that talent, especially if you have experience as a freelance writer or a freelance software developer or videographer.

If you are interested in making money, by creating private label products, you will need to create a product that will sell. To find this product, you may need to do a little bit of research. The goal of your research should be to find a niche that people are in need of.  You can easily do this by using the internet to your advantage.  A large number of individuals and companies advertise or ask about a particular product or product line.  If you are able to create what they are looking for, you can be well on your way to making money.

A couple of places you might want to start your research at would be some social networking sites. Social networking sites like Twitter, Yahoo 360, Facebook and there are many many more. These sites are great for not only socializing and making new friends and contacts, but also finding ‘problems’ that need solutions.

These solutions will come in the form of your new PLR product. The more you get into these practices, the more they will become second nature. Before long you will be able to create terrific PLR articles, ebooks and a host of other products for your newly found customer base.

Steve Dougherty
PLR Video Direct

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Branding Your Videos

Now that you have your private label rights videos from PLR Video Direct, it is time to make them your own, other wise known as branding your videos – you did get your videos from here..didn’t you?Windows Live Movie Maker Logo

Because if you try these branding techniques on videos you received from some where else, the world may be swallowed by a ginormous black hole, or you may single-handedly perpetuate global warming, and that would not be a good thing.  😉

Now that we have established that you are not going to bring the world to an end..lets talk Video Branding.

There are several ways we can personalize or brand your videos. I want to show you a few of these methods over the course of the next few posts. These are not in any type of order of simplicity or this way is better than the other – the idea is to change your plr videos in some form or fashion so they are not exactly like the rest of the videos from where you acquired them.

Branding the videos is not exactly changing them but instead you are adding to the videos your identifying mark(s). Ok, enough of the yada-yada, lets get to work!

The first method will involve using the free Microsoft software called Windows Movie Maker. We will be taking a video that is in AVI format and it already has a title & closing clip that we want to replace with our own.


This is but one idea of the many uses for your Un-restricted PLR Videos. What other marketing ideas can you come up with?

Stay in touch – click the RSS button in the top right column and Subscribe using your favorite reader, or use the widget and embed me on your web site.

Until the next post – be good & be safe!

Steve Dougherty

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