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steve-dougherty Hello, my name is Steve Dougherty & I want to thank you for paying me a visit. Please do not be a stranger – I’m always adding new videos and content for you to learn AND earn from.

In the sidebar just to the right of this post, under the heading “My Re-Brandable Video Courses”, you will See all of my available private label right or PLR video packages I have created and are for sale.

By clicking on the product title just above the product image you will be directed to a new page (so you will not lose your place) for more details on that plr video product.

There you will see a sample video along with additional details describing the contents of that particular plr video package.

Some of these pages are in the form of a long sales page and others are a simple short page with the basic info such as the video titles of that plr video product, sample video and the payment button.

You may have seen these same video series with different e-Covers but you have found the originating source. Please feel free to poke around. Those of you that have any suggestions, questions or comments, you can use the Contact Us link in the top navigation bar or you can just email me.. steve @ plrvideodirect.com

I’m constantly updating the content and there is a new PLR Video series created (by me) released regularly, so don’t be a stranger – you are always welcome. I’ll leave the light on for you

The Following Are The Sample Videos For The Video Packages In The Right Sidebar:

Easy WP3 Videos >>


Facebook How-To Videos >>


WordPress Video Manual >>


Amazon S3 Sample Video >>


Your PLR Makeover Sample Video >>

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5 Video PLR Monthly Profit Tips

5 Video PLR Monthly Profit Tips

One of the most common problems associated with PLR is that the buyer downloads it to his or her hard drive and it’s never seen again. You have to put your PLR videos to work for you, so I want to give you five video PLR monthly profit tips to help you make the most of your private label rights video content.

Tip #1: Pick one main point of your PLR videos and create a free viral report to pre-sell it.

With some video PLR content, you won’t be able to just give it away and use it freely on sites like YouTube. It’s created for your personal use or for use in a private setting, such as when you upload it to a private members’ area.

You can still make the content go viral by choosing one small element of the video tutorial and creating a PDF file that people can download and share, which details that one issue – and contains links back to your website where the full version of the PLR videos is for sale.

So for instance, if you visit www.PLRVideoDirect.com and buy the PLR rights to the WordPress Video Manual, you might watch it and see a portion dedicated to widgets. You could extract that idea and create a free, viral 5-page report on your favorite widget and how to use it – such as WP Robot. Not only would you generate commission from sales of that widget, but you would drive traffic back to the video course on WordPress that you just bought.

Tip #2: Create a textual transcription of your PLR videos and use the text as a bonus.

Some people like video, but they also like to print out a hard copy of the words used so they can have it in hand as they apply the lesson. It takes some time to do, but you can make a transcription of the PLR to use as a bonus when your customers buy the videos. Don’t forget that the content is still protected under the seller’s PLR rights, so you probably won’t be able to use the text-based version openly just as you can’t do with the PLR videos.

Tip #3: Offer text-based bonus PLR for those who buy Master Resale Rights.

While you’re at it, consider offering the text-based transcription to your own customers as PLR yourself – if they buy the Master Resale Rights. That way they too can go on to sell the PLR videos and have a text version to offer their own customers. If you don’t like the idea of transcribing, check with the PLR video owner to see if he or she would mind if you hired a professional transcription service to do the work for you. You might even be able to sell a copy of the transcriptions back to the originator or maybe do some bartering for additional video packages. If you do not ask – you will never get an answer.

Tip #4: Build a membership site and use the PLR videos as an upgrade enticement.

Many online membership sites are created with content that’s either documented as PDF files, web content, or audio interviews. You can have a gold version of your membership (an upgrade) that includes access to step-by-step video PLR monthly. Just find the right PLR videos for your niche and deliver the course once a month for those customers who upgrade to a higher paying account.

Tip #5: Let your target audience vote on which PLR Video topics you buy next.

With a site like www.PLRVideoDirect.com as your resource, you have a lot of content to choose from. You can let your customers choose what topics are next by polling them. Pick four of the PLR video topics and ask your customers which one they’d like to see in the members’ area next month. They don’t have to know you’re not the one creating them. Just poll them and they’ll feel as if they have a say in how their lessons unfold.

These five video PLR monthly tips will help ensure that you don’t waste your investment and that you continue putting in the least amount of effort possible for the highest return available to you.

Steve D.

Use PLR Videos to Boost Your Bottom Line

Use PLR Videos to Boost
Your Bottom Line

Almost all niche market entrepreneurs – from those in the dog training
niche to Internet marketers and everything in between – now rely on
professional grade PLR videos to help them add value to their products,
which translates into higher price points and bigger profits.

Look at any of the old, traditional sales letters online for digital
download products and you’ll find nothing more than a PDF file and
perhaps a few extra PDF bonus files. After that got stale, niche
marketers started adding audio interviews to the mix.

They were able to charge more and suddenly it became obvious that
information entrepreneurs would need to stay abreast of new technology
that would help them convey to their prospects and customers that their
products were better than their competitors.

When the first marketers began using video marketing, the response was
overwhelming – customers ate it up and those without the know-how or
resources for that kind of technology had to get left behind. Some are
still waiting.

Others have tapped into the power of PLR videos to help them achieve
the same results that top marketing gurus are having with professional
quality video productions. When you invest in PLR videos, you’re
getting a readymade product at a fraction of what it would cost you to
outsource video production of a lesson or invest in the tools to do it

You can buy a set of PLR videos and sell it as a product of your own.
You can package it with other paid products that you have – a PDF file,
or audios, for example.  In some cases, depending on the
guidelines set by the PLR seller, you can add it as a bonus to a paid
membership site.

If you’re buying your PLR videos from PLRVideoDirect.com, then you can
watermark the videos with your URL for additional branding
opportunities depending on which tier of rights you want to own –
personal use only, reseller, or master resale rights.

Make sure you check out sample videos from whichever provider you
consider investing in. Some of the quality is sub par to what you want
representing you in the marketplace. And if you plan to buy multiple
PLR videos, see if the provider offers some sort of bulk pricing.

The PLR videos should come with whatever resources you need to have a
readymade product packaged for sale on the Internet. That usually means
they have a minisite file with the graphics in PSD format, a sales
letter document, and video source files for editing in multiple

Put a set of PLR videos to work for you and see what kind of return on
your investment you get. If it helps boost your bottom line, consider
making it a staple of all of your online business pursuits.

Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment or even a question
if you have one, in the comment box.

Steve Dougherty