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PLR vs Copywriting

PLR vs. Copywriting

Getting fresh quality content on your website is important. I’ve posted plenty of articles here over the last several years saying this & giving examples of how you can do this.  But maybe you’re confused by the various ways and not sure which would work best for you. plr content

For most people, it’s going to be a choice between three:

  1. Writing the content yourself.
  2. Hiring somebody to write it for you
  3. Using PLR content.

The mechanics of the first option are, for the most part, pretty obvious. Writing content yourself gives you absolute power over your content. But then, it takes a lot of time and some skill too. Let’s face it – some people just aren’t good at writing (I am definitely in that group). But this article is going to focus on the other two options, PLR and ghostwriting.

Here are general overviews of what both entail, starting with ghostwriting:

  • You hire a writer who agrees to write for some form of compensation, usually money.
  • He is generally paid per article.
  • The very word “ghostwriter” means that your writer is anonymous. You get to claim the article as your own, and you own the rights to it.
  • Ghostwriters are often hired at copywriting services, large online websites that provide a kind of brokerage service between ghostwriters and clients.

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Building an Email Course with PLR Content

PLR Content Used As Email eCourse

There are two golden rules in a customer oriented business – getting customers, and keeping them.

Both steps are an art of their own. But what if you could kill both birds with one proverbial stone? Well, you can, and that proverbial stone is PLR.PLR Content As Email eCourse

Since good PLR is content, when you’ve got it, you can use it the same way you use any content. One of the most lucrative and beneficial ways to use content is by offering a free eBook. But an even better way of doing things is to offer a free “email course” in whatever informational topic it is that you happen to have PLR for.

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PLR – Good vs. Bad PLR

There are certain criteria that differentiate good PLR from bad PLR.
plr good versus bad
If you are looking to purchase PLR videos or articles, you want to make sure you find the stuff that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Let’s start by listing some facts about Bad PLR:
1. Bad PLR has been used A LOT.
It’s made its rounds on the internet at least seven hundred times, and has already been around for at least three or four years. Like food, PLR gets stale and moldy. Stale PLR won’t be very useful to you, since the search engines are already full of it, and you won’t have anything new to contribute.

2. Bad PLR isn’t relevant to your niche.
If you have a blog on laser printers, then you won’t need PLR about watch bands. In this case, the PLR may not be bad in itself, but it’s bad for you. It’s a waste of money and a waste of space.

3. Bad PLR is poor quality.
Bad PLR videos are poorly made, and bad PLR articles are poorly written. The purpose of PLR is for people. People don’t bother wasting time with trash. That’s why article spinners are a waste of time. You might attract people with poor content, but you’ll never keep them.
This should give you an idea of what NOT to shop for.

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