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Merge Local WP Site With Live Site In 6 Simple Steps

6 Simple Steps To A Successful Merge Of A Localhosted WordPress Site With A Live Hosted WordPress Site

Recently I did a series of training videos on how to set up a localhost environment to develop WordPress site and then to move those ‘developed’ sites to a live host.

So Moving a local site to a live hosting environment is simple enough, as I demonstrated inĀ videos 10 & 12 of that series.


Merging a local site with a live site that has changes on both, well that can be a bit more tricky.merge localhosted wordpress site with live site image

With that in mind I set out to find a solution.

What I found was a few different solutions and all of them were technically challenging to say the least. Of course if you’re a programmer or you areĀ familiar with command line interface (CLI), then what I consider to be technically challenging, you may consider to be child’s-play.

So I did some tinkering and I think what I came up with will work in most every situation where, 1. You have worked on a site locally and
2. That same site in the Continue reading