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Surviving Your First Year Of Internet Marketing

Surviving Your First Year Of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Warning Image - PLR Video Direct One of the best things about making a living on the internet is that most anyone with Internet access and a computer of some kind can do it. Requirements DO NOT include college degrees, High School diplomas or even prior experience.

For that matter, you do not even need to have extra money to get started. Is it easier to be successful in Internet Marketing if you have a College degree, High School diploma or extra cash??

Sure it is, but only because you have demonstrated in some way or another that you have the ability to complete something…like High School or College. You see, it doesn’t matter if you were a terrible student – it matters that you have the desire to Continue reading

PLR Videos Equals Online Income

PLR Videos Equals Online Income

PLR-Video-Direct_Circle-LogoMaking a decent living on the Internet doesn’t have to be difficult.

Do you want to learn more about how to leverage the power of PLR videos in order to quickly create your video information products? Keep reading then. 😉

When you are first starting out in your Internet Marketing Empire to-be, it is rarely as easy as some would lead you to believe – especially those trying to sell you the ‘Magic Beans’ that will sprout and grow your booming business overnight.

I’m not saying it cannot be done, it does happen. Most people however, do not. It takes hard work to create any business online or offline & some would argue that the best way to hit the ground running with your budding business is to have your own product.

This is where the Private Label Rights ( PLR ) videos comes into play.

What are PLR Videos?

You may have heard about Private Label Rights articles and ebooks. The idea is the same. Depending on the actual rights that govern or tell you what you are allowed to do with the PLR products, PLR in most cases allows you to rebrand the material with your own name, claiming it as your own, and presenting yourself as an expert in virtually any field you can think of.

Just think about it for a second. With the advancement of online video, there are many reasons why a PLR Video Series would be a perfect fit for your online business. So just knowing how they can help your business puts you one step ahead of your competition, plus leaps and bounds ahead of where you would be if you had to make your very own content.

Saves You Time and Money

It can take a lot of time and resources to put together a series of videos that are informative and interesting to your visitors. If you think about this for a moment and understand that to establish a video course in a niche that you are an expert on, it can take several weeks to research, brainstorm, record, edit, and produce the video product.

This will only get you so far before you realize that you will need to possess a certain skill-set. These skills will be needed if you are wanting to create & produce the quality training videos your customers will be hungry for and keep them coming back for more.

A small but important part of this process is to get your customers from the buying of your training videos to the reselling of your training videos. Here is another benefit of PLR videos. Most of the time, Private Label Rights Videos come with ready-to-go mini site graphics, a sales letter, and a download page so you can upload them to your website quickly and easily. Of course the same is true for your customers that will be buying these videos from you.

Hopefully you can see that it makes perfect sense to tap into an existing market of PLR videos aligned to your niche. The better quality PLR videos are already professionally produced and ready for your customers to view as soon as you get them and upload them to your site. This knocks off many weeks of production time from your schedule and allows you to get the jump on your competitors.

Building Your Reputation & Branding

Just acquiring the videos and reselling them will not set you apart from the herd of others that do the same thing. This is where branding the videos play an important role in your business success. By being able to brand a series of specialized videos with your own details, allows you to present yourself as someone who can be trusted to provide quality content. Your current as well as future customers will demand this of you.

Your brand and your reputation will depend solely on the content quality and reliability of the video tutorials.

A regular supply of PLR videos with quality information will not only build your relationship with your customers, but build your reputation as well.

Sy Syms is well known not only for a fantastic clothing store but for saying “AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER”. There is good money to be made by educating your customers. After all, that is what most people are looking for when they visit your site in the first place – information.

They want to feel confident that you know what you are talking about, and that you can help them become better and more profitable in their own business. If you can accomplish this, not only will your visitors become customers, they will also become your best marketing people.

With todays social media…Twitter, Facebook YouTube and the like, word travels very fast online, and a great testimonial from an existing customer can be all you need to gain a cult like following. That cult following will become your growing customer base for any products that you promote in the future, whether you created them or you aquired the private label rights to them.

Once a group of people trusts you to deliver what you promise – and you do, they will always trust you. This is what builds your online reputation.

So you can see that PLR videos can save you time & money. Plus when you are working with quality private label rights videos they can also build your reputation or at the very least improve on your existing online reputation. This in turn will keep your customers coming back for more.

Steve D.

Marketing Online With PLR Videos

Marketing Online With PLR Videos

So what good is a PLR video to an entrepreneur doing his marketing online? An experienced marketer who knows how the whole internet industry is run will tell you that it could be the difference between a failed online marketing campaign and one that’s so successful it caused sales or traffic to shoot through the roof.

In this digital and web-connected world, where people would rather watch a video than read a 500-word article, PLR videos become even more important, if not more practical. For example, more and more people are getting their news from videos on their smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices than from printed media like newspapers and magazines. Same reason why marketing online with a PLR video is often more effective than, say, article marketing.

The premise behind a private label rights product is that once you paid for it, you can claim it as your own and modify it to further suit the needs of your business or marketing efforts. This allows you to be able to use professionally-created videos even though you never made a single video in your life. Furthermore, the cost of a PLR video is just a small fraction of the expenses you would have incurred if you created the video yourself.

Usually, you will want to modify the video at least a little bit, and this can be easily accomplished using a free video-editing software like Windows Movie Maker for PC’s and iMovie for Mac’s. Modifying the PLR videos can be as simple as adding an opening and closing image or splash screens that announce your brand or website url and a call to action where you tell the viewer to visit your offer and/or website.

There are various ways as to how a PLR video is used in marketing online. It can be added as additional content in a website to complement the articles or photos which are already there. Or it can be placed in a sales page to further explain to a potential customer the benefits and advantages of a service or product. Or it could simply be a promotional video to be distributed to video-sharing sites around the internet with the purpose of building hype, brand and traffic.

The most important feature that a PLR video must have in order for it to be an effective marketing online tool is its relevance to the main content that it aims to promote. What good is a video if it does not add value to the content of the website where it is located?

Do you use PLR videos in your online marketing? Have you wanted to use videos in your marketing campaigns but could not make your own nor knew how to make a PLR video work for you? Let me know in the comments section and see if I can help de-mystify things for you.

Steve D.