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Selling Your PLR Products On Auctions Sites

Selling Your PLR Products
On Auctions Sites

Every day, someone makes the decision to purchase the resell rights to
a particular product.  If you are looking for a legitimate
online business opportunity, there is a good chance that you may be
that someone. To successfully profit from private label rights
products, which you have legally obtained the resell rights to, there
are a few important factors that you should first consider. These
factors are essential to making money, instead of losing it.

Private label resell rights are available on a number of different
products, including videos, e-books and software just to name a
few.  In most cases, the original creator is unable to spend
time marketing and selling their own product.  Instead of
targeting potential customers, they shift their focus to others who are
looking to make money.  This is done by selling the resell
rights to their product.  If you have the time and the
knowledge needed to market the product in question, you may be able to
make a phat chunk-o-change with this opportunity.

When it comes to selling any product, whether you created that product
or just obtained the resell rights to it, you will need to find an
effective sales method. There are many individuals who have found
success by using online classified ads, creating their own websites, or
by using online auction websites. While all of these selling approaches
may produce results, you will find that some methods work better for
different products than other methods. A great way to find this out is
to spend the time and try each method and simply continue using the one
that produces the best results.

Some people that successfully sell other product types – physical or
digital – at online auctions, choose to sell their plr products there
as well. This might be because unlike many other selling methods,
online auctions are cheap to use and they often produce fast results,
plus they might be used to using them so there is that ‘comfort zone’.

However, those results may not be what you were looking for. 
If you are planning on purchasing the resell rights to a private label
product for the sole purpose of selling that product through an online
auction website, you are advised to reconsider your decision. This is
because online auction websites are not what they used to be when it
comes to digital goods.

Instead of making money with online auction websites, many are losing
money.  As previously mentioned, online auction websites have
changed.  In the past, you could quickly post your newly
edited info product and with the constant flow of traffic to these
auction sites, you could easily see sales every day. But then there
were those that thought that it would be easier to sell the $47 product
for 99 cents and then the price battle began and the end of successful
auction sales for your plr digital info-products were quick to follow.


The quick thinkers saw this as an opportunity. Instead of joining the
99 cent club or quitting the auction sales all together, the smart ones
converted the digital products into CD’s or DVD’s and sold as physical
products instead. This method creates a greater ‘perceived’ value
& if done correctly, will increase your ‘Brand-Value’ as well.

There are a few services online that will take the info-product you
upload to them and produce, package AND ship to your customers door,
for a few bucks – with zero contracts or minimum orders required.
Kunaki is one that I have used in the past and they charge about a
dollar per product. Your customer pays the shipping of about $5.00 and
the rest is done for you – except the part where you enjoy spending the
money you make from all your sales 😉

I hope this has given you something to think about when deciding on
selling at online auctions. Where there is a will – there is more than
likely a way.

Steve D.

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