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Todays Word Is Integrity

Integrity is its Own Success

The future lies before you, like paths of pure white snow.  Be careful how you tread it, for every step will show. – Author Unknown
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If you’ve ever been tempted to do something unsavory in order to get ahead in life, you may have wondered whether it would be worth it or not.  Perhaps you were tempted to take a shortcut that would detract from your quality of work just so you could churn out greater volume and make more money. “Ready – Fire – Aim”

Or maybe you were hoping to cheat your way to the top of your field because you’ve seen others getting away with it and figured, “Why should I do all the hard work if they don’t have to?”

You may think it doesn’t matter how you reach your destination as long as you get there – the ends justifies the means, but you may be surprised to know that every step you take on your journey will have an effect on your outcome – and your character.

That’s because the caliber of your person is what will determine the quality of results you get, and your ability to enjoy those results when they show up.  Other people may never know that you cheated your way to success, but you’ll know.  And the universe will know.  “So what?” you might be thinking at this point.

Maybe nothing bad will happen if you follow this type of path.  Or maybe the people you interact with will sense that you are not genuine and decide to work with someone else.  Maybe your customers will sense that something isn’t quite right with you and your products or services.  Maybe your own conscience won’t be able to rest because of your past actions and you’ll end up making grave errors in judgment at some time in the future.

The way it all comes about doesn’t really matter – but the experiences you get in life will be dependent upon your intentions as you create them.

The truth has a way of making itself known, and it’s amazing how it can creep up on you and bite you in the backside.  Every shady step you take will detract from your character and set you up for a negative consequence later.

Its Karma baby!

If you instead make it your priority to do what’s right, you’ll get right results.  Focus on being the person who deserves the level of success you desire, and you will achieve that level of success easily.

Steve D.