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Whitelisting Emails Why and How

What Is Email Whitelisting?

Without getting to geekafied, it is when you instruct your email service to make sure you receive emails from a particular website or person.

Many people that have heard of whitelisting will not do it because..
1. They get their emails just fine, or
2. They do not know how to do it, or
3. They do know how to do it but they just can’t seem to find the 2 minutes in their life to do it. Sorry, that last one may have come across a bit more harsh than intended.

Numbers 2 & 3 can be fixed pretty easily but number 1 is the tricky one. Tricky because you think you are getting your emails but what if you are not?plrvideodirect email-whitelisted image

Someone sends you an email asking if you would consider coaching them for $500 a month but your email service ‘notices’ some keywords in that email and sends it straight to spam along with the other 200 actual spam emails you received.

Now that lucrative email is buried pretty deep in your spam folder so even if you occasionally check your spam folder before you empty it out, you’ll never see it.

At the same time the person that wants to give you $500 a month to teach them stuff you already know about (hopefully not how to whitelist emails), is likely thinking what a tool you must be for not even writing back saying that $500 is way to low for what you do, blah blah blah.

Some of you reading this may be grinning and thinking “yea, right. No body would ever do that”. But others reading this might be thinking “Oh crap, that is why I never got that email from Joe-Knows-Coaching”.

Now is whitelisting 100% perfect – Remember we are talking about Google (gmail), Microsoft (hotmail) & Yahoo (yahoo mail), so no, it is probably not 100% perfect,
BUT it IS 100% better than not whitelisting at all.

Here is a link to some very detailed instructions on how to whitelist MY EMAIL address in just about ANY email service you receive emails in AND what to do if you subscribe to certain spam filter services, security software programs and a few of the more popular email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook.


Here is the cool part.

After you have whitelisted my name and email address in your service/program/client or whatever.., at the bottom of that page is a link for you to enter 3 bits of info and you have your own custom whitelist instructions page.

Just follow those on-page instructions (or let me know if you need a little help) then upload the file to your server like I did.

Please whitelist my email address so when I send you that email saying I want to pay you $500 a month to coach me, you’ll have a greater chance of getting it now.plrvideodirect email whitelisted round rubber stamp image

Have an awesome day.