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Improve Your Email Click-Throughs With Fake Video

Here is a video I made to show you how to create a fake looking video clip that when you add it to your email, there is a better than average chance that most people will be enticed to click on the ‘image’ and be sent to the URL you specify.

I touch on the free tools you can use but show you by using Camtasia Studio 8.

The video is a little over 5 minutes and in addition to giving you this idea, it might even generate more ideas for you to improve your email marketing.

Click on the lower right corner of the video to view in full screen mode.

How To Improve Email Click Throughs

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– Steve Dougherty

How To Choose The Best Email Service Provider – ESP

In this video I go through 5 points to consider before handing over your hard earned money. 5 Points on How To Choose An Email Service Provider

A penny saved is a penny earned so watch this video to learn & earn. I’ll be adding this video along with the unbranded Power Point slides to the download pages of the How To Use An Autoresponder – Aweber video training video series as well as the soon to be released Getresponse video training video series.


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Building an Email Course with PLR Content

PLR Content Used As Email eCourse

There are two golden rules in a customer oriented business – getting customers, and keeping them.

Both steps are an art of their own. But what if you could kill both birds with one proverbial stone? Well, you can, and that proverbial stone is PLR.PLR Content As Email eCourse

Since good PLR is content, when you’ve got it, you can use it the same way you use any content. One of the most lucrative and beneficial ways to use content is by offering a free eBook. But an even better way of doing things is to offer a free “email course” in whatever informational topic it is that you happen to have PLR for.

Using PLR content for your course material, including text and Continue reading