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WordPress Powered eCommerce Stores

WordPress powered eCommerce stores can be very profitable.

PLR4WP Volume 11 how to build a WordPress Powered eCommerce site

Properly setting up your eStore can be a headache if you do not have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Ideally video instruction so you can see exactly what is being done versus just reading what someone is telling you to do.

Yes I’m a little (okay, a lot) biased about the whole video vs eBook training methods but I’ve read plenty of Continue reading

PLR Video How To Turn It Into An eBook

PLR Video Direct plr video into ebook imageIn this PLR Videos into eBooks tutorial, I want you to see how easy it is to re-purpose your private label rights videos into an eBook that you can then market in many different ways.

So first I want to begin at the end.

You have your newly created eBook freshly re-purposed from some of your PLR videos you have on your hard drive.

What can you do with this eBook?

A lot of your possibilities depend on if the license you have that governs the original PLR videos say anything about the derivatives you create form the original product. If it says nothing about the possible uses of the re-purposed items then you may want to contact the creator to find out.

In some cases, if enough of a change takes place from the original PLR video to the re-purposed product, the license governing the original will have zero power of the re-purposed item.  Basically this means you can do whatever you wish with the re-purposed PLR product.

Sell, Bonus or Giveaway?

Re-purposing PLR videos is not a good fit for lazy people. The process will require some effort however, the more often you re-purpose your private label rights videos, the easier it becomes and the more shortcuts you develop.

Your goal, besides just turning a video into an eBook, is to provide value to your Customers. When you spend your time & effort in re-purposing the plr video into an eBook, you want some type of return.

This return can come in the form of extra money from selling the eBook or adding it as some type of up-sell to another product.

It can come in the form of increased sales from the added value to another product you are promoting because you added the eBook as a bonus item.

Your return can even come in the form of adding subscribers or building your email list by giving the eBook away in exchange for someone’s email address and maybe their name as well. With proper email marketing, it is said that every person on your email list can equal 1 dollar a month in added revenue.

So whether you have a starter sized list of 20 or 30 people or a growing list of 1000’s, you can see that re-purposing a PLR video into a high-value eBook to simply giveaway, can be a very profitable return on your time & effort invested.


Okay, Rewind To The Beginning.

Here is my overview of the PLR Video Into an eBook process

1. Get the transcripts from the audio portion of the video
2. Gather images to be used in the eBook
3. Edit the transcripts so they make sense in an eBook
4. (optional) Find an eBook template that will add a layer of uniqueness & professionalism
5. Combine the text & images then other elements of a professional eBook like table of contents
6. Format if needed and then publish as secured PDF eBook

The main ingredient to our new eBook is the private label rights video package. Within that package you may have several items in addition to the actual videos. Items like graphics, PowerPoint slides, mp3 audios and even transcripts of the audio portion of the videos.

Not every PLR video creator delivers the same items that other PLR video creators do, so Continue reading

PLR Videos and How To Profit From Them

PLR Video Direct cranking out money image

Basically there are 2 ways to profit from private label rights or PLR videos.

Purchase & Resell PLR Videos

One way, and this is the way most people use, is to purchase the PLR videos and simply resell them.


1. Download your purchase

2. Upload them to your server

3. Edit or create a sales & thank you page for your clients to purchase and download from

4. Add the payment button to your sales page

5.  Add the PLR Video zip file links from your server to the thank-you/download page

6. Upload your sales & download page to your server and begin your marketing campaign to drive traffic to your sales page.

This is the ‘In-A-Nutshell’ version but it is a quick and simple way to profit from your purchase of PLR videos.

The one major drawback to this method of profiting from plr videos, is that most people use this method and the only real way to compete with everyone else is on price. So the price war begins and it is not long before the price is in the toilet and people are reselling that $47 series of videos for 5 bucks or less.

Now if you have a large and responsive mailing list then this method rocks. You can send out a notice to your subscribers within minutes of you uploading your sales & thank you pages as described earlier. Of course this requires you to have that large and responsive list of subscribers.

Purchase Then Re-Do Then Resell

The other way to profit from your private label rights ( PLR ) videos is to edit or re-purpose them before you upload them to your server as mentioned in step 2 in the previous option.

Disclaimer time…

This method will require some effort on your part. Even if that effort comes in the form of you looking for someone you can outsource the ‘work’ to.

If you are one of the bazillion people that are into Internet Marketing because you believed that person that said you can make buckets of bucks without any work at all…

Well I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. It is in the San Francisco area – it is a Golden Deal for sure!

Seriously though, one of the best ways to secure long-term success in Internet Marketing is to have your own product. With PLR videos, Continue reading