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Camtasia Studio Tips and Marketing Techniques

Camtasia Studio 8 icon

One of the many items I provide in my video products download page are the Camtasia Studio CamProj files for easy editing – provided those doing the editing have Camtasia Studio 8.

The CamProj files (Camtasia Project) are like the box that contains all the elements of that video. Elements like the images, videos, audios and so on.

The White Label PLR videos I provide the CamProj files to, contain at least the video (AVI), & the opening & closing images or splashscreens.

I encourage all my PLR customers to customize at least the opening & closing images of each videos so they contain a personal Welcome in the opening image and a call to action in the closing image.

Many of my PLR video courses contain 12 to 40 different videos & to customize both the opening and closing images of that many individual videos can get old REAL FAST!

Well my reply to that is “Do them all at one time” & here is how to do it…

First you want to unzip all the CamProj zip files. Usually they are titled something like CustCam and have some numbers after that (eg s2CustCam-vid01-04gs74).

Then create a single folder & name it something like ‘working-folder’ and copy & paste all your CustCam files in that one folder.

Now you will have the CamProj, the video and images files for each video in the one folder.

Make your edits to your opening and closing images – AND THIS IS IMPORTANT..

When you save your newly edited images, save them in a new folder named something like my-(project name)images and name these images EXACTLY the same as their originals (eg vid01.jpg, vid02.jpg).

Then copy all your newly edited images and paste them in your Working folder and over-write all the original images.

Now your CamProj files will pull into your Camtasia Studio editor the video file and the newly edited image file because Camtasia Studio sees only the image file NAME & doesn’t care about the changes you made.

Now that you have the hard work out of the way, it is time for Camtasia Studio to do the rendering of all your ‘new’ looking videos.

Here is how you can get Camtasia Studio to do all the video work at one time:

Open Camtasia Studio -> Click on Tools in the Top Menu -> Go to Sharing -> Batch Productions

Camtasia Studio 8 Tips And Marketing Techniques - Batch Production

Then click on Add Files/Projects

Then select all the CamProj files you want to produce. Depending on the power of your computer depends on how well (fast) the rest of this goes.

I select all the CamProj files whether it is 10 or 40 because my computer is fairly new and pretty powerful.

Then click on Next

Camtasia Studio Tips and Marketing Techniques step 3 batch production

After you click Next, your computer might pause a bit but don’t worry, this should only last a few seconds. Then you will be presented with a screen asking you to select your preset option.

I have several custom presets but if you’ve never created a custom preset then yours will likely only show 6 or 7 preset options to choose from.

NOTE: If you want to know how to create custom presets, let me know by commenting on this post.

Select your preset then click Next.

Camtasia Studio Tips and Marketing Techniques Batch production step 3

Then select the folder where you want your newly produced video files to be sent and click Finish.

I usually do not check the boxes to Organize in sub-folders nor Show production results, but that is just me.

Depending on the number of and the format of the videos you asked your Camtasia Studio software to produce & the power of your computer, this can take from several minutes to a couple hours.

For me, if I do 30 videos for example, and I’m producing 1280×720 mp4 files, this can take 30 minutes to an hour depending on how long each video is.

The takeaway here is that you do not have to hang out at your computer waiting for each individual video to finish and then start another one.

I’ll set them up and go do some gardening or write a sales letter or catch up on some reading.

This is one a many Camtasia Studio time saving and marketing tips there are.

My friend and Screencasting mentor Lon Naylor has a new video course that covers several of these tips and much more. It is called Screencast Pro.

Lon & his partner Joey Xoto has put together a package of training and templates that will help any Camtasia Studio owner take their videos to the next level.

So if you want to find out more about their offer then click here NOW!

– Steve D






2 Second Video Editing Using Camtasia Studio and Powerpoint

Yes just 2 seconds is all it takes.

At the end of this tutorial are download link that contains all the files used in the making of the demo video – List Building Tips. You can edit and rebrand this video any way you like. This can be used as a free giveaway to build your own email list.

When building your email list you will need an email service provider like  Aweber or GetResponse and the training to master them.

I’ve made a series of training videos for GetResponse AND Aweber. Click Here for the GetResponse VideosClick Here for the Aweber Videos.

Okay now to the tutorial.

This is a tutorial on how to (once setup) instantly change the look of your videos by way of the Camtasia Studio Camproj file. Here are the demo videos with the different ‘look’ I’ll be showing you how to do:

To demonstrate this I’ll be using images I saved from a set of Powerpoint slides. (if you are not sure how to get images from your Powerpoint slides let me know in the comments & I’ll make a quick guide)

After creating & saving the slide deck in Powerpoint with black text on a white background, I then changed the background style to a different color and saved that deck with a different name that describes the change.

Deck1-white, Deck2-blue… You can fancy things up by adding your own ppt background image by using the Format option located at the bottom of the Background Slides option as shown in the following images: Camtasia 8 video tutorial-Powerpoint Slide background change1 Camtasia 8 video tutorial-Powerpoint Slide background change2 Once you have the background set the way you want it for the original slide deck, add your text & images.

Note: Since the slides are being saved as images then imported into Camtasia, no animations can be used on the ppt slides.

Do all the normal things you do to create your slide deck then ‘save as’ and select JPEG to save your slides as images. You’ll get a message popup asking to just save the one slide or all the slides and you’ll want to save All The Slides.

Then go back to the Powerpoint slide master and change the background to a different look and save those slides as images the same as you just did. Repeat that process for as many different looks that you want to offer to your customers. Or maybe you want to have the same video but different looks to match the different YouTube channels you are uploading them too.

Next you want to import one set of the images into Camtasia Studio. If you have not done so yet you need to record the audio portion of your video. I use the very tech-friendly and very free audio recorder called Audacity.

You can also farm this out to someone of Fiverr or similar sites. So once the audio file is created you want to import that into your Camtasia Project and save your Project. Give your camproj file a name that you’ll want your product to be called.

Mine is called listbuildingtips.camproj – for example.

I save my Camproj file as soon as all the elements are in the clip bin just in case. Then I add the elements to the timeline and sync the audio to the images then save again once everything is in place and the video plays the way you want it to play on your site.

Now all you need to do to get the different looks is to replace the images with the other images you created from your ppt slides.

This works because the images are all the same name and the Camproj file doesn’t care that they look different, it just cares that the names are the same.

And that is how you can instantly edit your videos using Camtasia Studio 8 (or version 7 or version 6)

Here is the link to download all the files used to make the demo videos – Powerpoint slide deck, all the images, the audio file and the Camproj file.

Click Here To Download

Thank you for checking out my tutorial. If you would like to know how I created the Powerpoint slide deck or the editing process of the Camproj file, please let me know in the comment section below.

– Steve D.


Screen Capture Video Equals Increased Profits

Screen Capture Video Equals Increased Profits

Have you ever wanted to promote a certain red-hot affiliate program and then discovered there are 100’s if not thousands already promoting it. Did you decide not to promote it because of this?

Look! The fact is you can still promote it and blow the doors off the competition. Actually it’s not difficult to do that using screen capture video. Not only is it not too difficult, but it can increase the dollar amount of your affiliate checks dramatically.

Due to the rapid advancement of our technology, screen recording software has become a tool that virtually anyone can use. Okay, I’ll say it…"So easy even a caveman can use it"!

I’m not going to get into all the different screen capturing programs out there in this post. I did a search for "screen capture program" and about 7.3 million results came back, so you should not have any problems in finding one that will work for you. What I am going to do however, is give you some ideas for increasing your profits by creating your own information products or using it to market other peoples affiliate products.

You need to know that the ‘Big 3’ – Google, Bing and Yahoo love videos. There is evidence that pages with video embedded on them get indexed more quickly. When this happens there is a good possibility you will find your page with your video on it, jumping to the top pages of the Search Engines.

Incredibly when this happens you will find you are outranking even the top affiliate marketers of that particular product. There is also a good chance you may find your video is outranking the creator of the product your marketing. Now just how cool is that!

However, you must understand that the screen capture video must be closely related to the product your marketing. You are also going to have to make sure you optimise your video for the search engines by selecting the best keywords. This also helps your potential customers to find your video as well.

Here’s a little tip for you to find the right keywords for your screen capture video page. Simply, take a look at your affiliate competitors that have been dominating the Search Engines. I know that sounds a little bit underhanded, but it’s not. You see common words of the English language cannot be copyrighted, so it’s entirely ethical for you to ‘lift the hood’ & see what your competitor is using for their keywords.

All you have to do is find your competitors by typing in the product name on the search engines search box. Bingo you will have your top competitors’ right in front of you. Click on the link to their site. Once you get to the site, go to the Tool Menu on your browser window and click on the "View Source". That is if you are using Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox then it is View > Page Source. In most cases you will find the keywords near the very top of the page. Copy the keywords and build your video targeting those keywords.

Write your content about the video/ affiliate product, with the keywords peppered through out. Do this in a normal speaking pattern, not just a bunch of keywords scattered around that would make no sense if you were to read the article aloud.

As your future customers begin to find you, they will realize your video is very simple and easy to understand. As they begin to know, like & trust you, it puts them into a much better frame of mind. In many cases it will be the trigger that pushes the emotional buy button. So that when they click over to your landing page or even directly to the sales page of the product they do so with their credit card in hand.

Screen capture video is not the ‘end all’ of search engine domination, but it can be one heck of a very effective tool and it can make you thousands of dollars in profit. Just one other quick tip for you, if you feel like you can’t do it, why not outsource it.

Do you use screen capture videos for product promos?

What screen capture program do you use?

Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment, suggestion or question.

Steve D.