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PLR Content And Multi Media

PLR Content And Multi Media

When you think of private label rights you may usually think of eBooks
and articles, right? More and more the emergence of plr videos is
making way into the mainstream of plr talk.  But now there are
sites devoted to selling all kinds of PLR – including (but not limited
to) the written word.  Now you can find anything that can be
digitally delivered that comes with private label rights.  

You can find good quality audio and video.  Even software
& graphics is becoming more and more popular in the PLR arena.
Imagine if you’re in the health niche and you come across an entire
private label rights e-course – complete with lessons of complementary
audio and video tutorials for under $20.  You could take that
e-course, repackage it as an eBook and promote the audio as a $35
bonus.  Let your imagination run with that one.

Video is the major media for communication and is always a favorite, so
it makes sense to use it in your business as much and as often as you
can work it in.  Here is where video PLR would fill a
need.  So for the technically challenged, Google your “niche +
PLR video” and see what’s out there.

Or maybe you want to add a cool bit of software to your niche package
to give it more value.  There is PLR software for all kinds of
applications and appropriate for many different niches.  

While software carries its own troubles, like customer support if the
software doesn’t behave for your users, it can skyrocket your perceived
value if you can manage to make it work in your niche.  

But don’t limit the use of the software to selling it or adding it as a
bonus.  There are all kinds of ‘widgets’ and ‘gadgets’ or
other interactive tools you could add to your website to make your
customer experience more enjoyable while onsite. Hopefully this will
get them to return to your site time & time again.

You can take some of this software and if you’re not a computer geek,
head over to the Warrior forum or Digital Point forum and ask if
someone there can help you rework the software to make it do what you
want.  The PLR just gave you a place to start from and that’s
often where many of the best ideas begin – on top of a basic one.

As you can see, PLR comes in any medium that’s easy to download on the
Internet.  All it would take is for you to dig for the gold
and then refine it to fit your personal style and your niche site. The
possibilities of multi media PLR content are endless to the creative
Internet entrepreneur.

How do you use private label content? Do you just add it to your
website for uniques content? Do you re-purpose it for resell? Have you
ever re-purposed plr video more than simply adding a watermark or an
opening title clip? Would you FULLY
re-purpose plr videos if it were as easy as ‘spinning’ a plr ebook into
a new product?
Leave you responses in the comment section – thanks for your

Steve Dougherty

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Search Labs Are The Surfers Sandbox

Search Labs Are The
Surfers Sandbox

If you’re not familiar with what a Search Lab is then you should head
straight over to Google Labs, http://www.googlelabs.com and bookmark
the site so that you can check back and get in on whatever Beta
functions they’re allowing you to play with in 2010.

While Google is the search engine king, when it comes to search labs,
the big 3 – Google, Yahoo & Microsoft – all hold strong

For me, Google is great for the gadgets, Yahoo for SEO and Microsoft
for helping me predict niche hotspots. Talk about a kid in a candy

For the information junkie, these 3 sites are the drug of choice –
Dude, you just gota try it!

Google has this experimental section open to the public so that they
can have their users test out applications, allowing them to weed out
problems and get feedback on how to make it better before it officially

Now we don’t know what’s on the horizon, but it’s important to check in
frequently so that you can test features that may be limited to a
certain number of people or may be pulled without warning before you
got to try it out.

Here are some past examples of what’s come out of the box for you to
have fun with and utilize in ways that help you reach your target

Social Search – This cool new feature lets you see results pages that
are in line with what your social circle has created. That circle is
made up of people in your Gmail account – chat buddies, friends,
family, groups and even Twitter and FriendFeed.

Related Links – This is a neat gadget that lets you present a bunch of
relevant pages within your own domain that your visitor might prefer to
go to. Instead of clicking out if they don’t see what they need
immediately, Google helps them find what they do need without them
having to conduct another search.

Google Audio Indexing – Did you know that Googlebots can crawl your
YouTube video and index it based on what it hears you say? Not only can
people find your video through this tool, but they can jump right to
the point in the video where you speak a certain keyword phrase. Many
say this will eliminate text tags in some instances and will force
marketers to be honest about the content of their video.

Google Checkout Store Gadget – This lets you have an online store
without having to know complex code. Use a simple Google Docs
spreadsheet and in under 5 minutes, you’ll have code you can cut and
paste into Blogger, Google Sites, and your own domain with ease.

This helps many marketers who are on a shoestring budget get started.
For example, using Google Analytics lets you analyze the traffic of
your website for free while others are paying an arm and a leg for
similar tools.

While most of this post has show-cased the Google Labs, be sure and
check out the Yahoo and Microsoft Labs as well.

Here are the urls for all 3.

I must warn you though, if you are anything like the info-junkie that I
am, you should not go to these sites just before anything you have
scheduled to do. You will emerge from your information overdose 1 or 2
hours later with glassy eyes and saying to yourself over &

Thanks for checking out the post. I have a video I made a few months
ago on using Microsoft Labs & I’ll post it here later today –
See ya then.

Steve Dougherty

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How To Squeeze More Use From Your PLR

How To Squeeze More Use
From Your PLR

PLR content can be nearly as good as hiring someone to write for you if you know how to squeeze more from products from your private label rights content. Getting good PLR in the first place is probably the best advice Starting with bad plr content is more time consuming re-working it than if you were to have done it all yourself – from scratch – in the first place.

But in any case, even when the PLR is good, always plan to rewrite it somewhat. Changing the title around (keeping your keywords intact), modifying the section titles, and adding an introductory paragraph or page are the minimal changes.

It’s easy to get carried away rewriting, so try to limit yourself if you’re pressed for time. If the article is good enough, then just make minimal changes like the title. The key to a good article is an attention getting title with the keyword in it, followed by an interesting introductory paragraph. So spend more time here than you would in the rest of the article.

The same goes for an eBook – make an introduction that lays the groundwork for the rest of the report. Spend time on the reason why they need the information in the report and then touch up the headlines and sub-headlines as needed. Unless you feel compelled to fill in the rest of the eBook, try to have a “good enough is good enough” attitude for the shortest path to success.

Don’t forget that just because the PLR is in eBook format, it doesn’t mean it can’t be sliced up into an e-course or smaller articles that you can add to your blog and submit to the ezine directories – or used fill up your autoresponder weeks ahead of time.

Never underestimate the power of articles that are sprinkled all over the Internet creating backlinks to your site. PLR just makes it easier for you to come up with those articles. The more articles you have out there, the more your name will get in front of the eyes of the people who you are trying to reach you become an authority in your field.

Be aware of any special requirements that some article directories have in regards to using private label rights content for articles you plan to submit.

A newer way to use PLR articles is to convert them into a slideshow made with Microsoft PowerPoint that is recorded as you read it. Done properly, you can have a really nice video to promote your site from YouTube or other video sharing sites.

Because video is a popular mode of communication, you should take any way you can to get it out in front of your target audience. PLR articles converted to video as well as already made PLR videos that you buy are a quicker way to get that kind of media out there.

With PLR, you can put together an original package that pulls together different pieces from various sources and you can bundle up a premium information product in a fraction of the time you’d put into it if you made it from scratch since someone else did most of the writing, recording and research. Learn to think outside the box with your PLR content. Depending on the rights that came with the private label rights, it’s yours to do with as you please, so become skilled at ways you can use it effectively in your business.

Steve Dougherty

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