Step 1 To Monetizing Your Videos With Advertisements

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to monetize your content. plrvideodirect monetize videos

This can be done with adsense ads, affiliate links, selling ad space on your site and sometimes even banner ads work.

YouTube monetizes their content much the same way.

Video creators can apply for the Partner Program, which is basically an Adsense program for YouTube.

If accepted, the video creator is given the tools within their YouTube video manager to position advertisements on their uploaded videos.

YouTube pays out millions annually to these Partners so obviously there is a lot of money being made by putting ads on videos.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with your own videos?

Not having to worry if YouTube will someday just shut down your account!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have more control over what ads appear on your videos? Like maybe even advertising your own products on your videos as a pre-roll or post roll ad.

Well actually you can with Foliovision.

One of the first things you should do when monetizing your videos is to sign up for Googles DoubleClick for Publishers or DFP.

Now there is more than one DFP program and I’m using the DFP – Small Business program.

DFP Small Business is an ad server that is kinda like an advertiser management program. By the way, for you to use the DFP – Small Business program, you need to have a Google Adsense account in good standing. So if you currently do not have an Adsense account then THAT needs to be the first thing you do.

Okay, so what exactly does DoubleClick do?

Lets say you have your adsense ads, some Commission Junction and Linkshare ads on your site. You go in once a month and manually arrange those ads so your adsense is in the sidebar this month instead of the top of each article.

The Commission Junction ads are moved from the sidebar above the fold, to below the fold (to make room for the adsense ads) and the Linkshare ads are moved to the top of each article.

A week later you get a big name company that wants to give you money to advertise their business in that Linkshare spot – the top of each article – but only on the home page, not on every page.

Now this is getting to be to much like work for me so I’m rethinking this whole advertising thing.

Okay.., that is what happens without DFP.

Now you add all these different advertisers to DFP and with a little configuration, it is all done for you automagically.

You set things up in DFP and the ads appear when and where you want them to and if for some reason nothing shows up in the Linkshare spot then DFP automatically puts an adsense ad there so where-ever you have carved out an ad spot on your site, there will always be an ad that shows up.

Here is a video that gives you another example of what DFP Small Business is & how it works:

Okay, now you have a pretty good idea what Google DFP Small Business is, it is time for you to get your DFP small Business account.

Here is a quick walk through of getting the DFP Small Business Account:

My next article will cover step 2 in how to monetize your video content using the Foliovision.

Click Here To See Step 2



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