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Need Content For Your Blog Try Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights PLR VideosFor those that write for a living or can put out a 300-500 word article in a blink of an eye, adding content to their blog is no big deal. Boom – Done – Next!

For the rest of us, writing content for our blogs/web sites is not as easy.

We know the results are worth the time & effort spent but convincing ourselves to put forth that effort and finding the time, is not always the easiest of things to do.

This is where private label rights – also known as PLR –  comes into play.

Being able to take someone else’s research and writing skills and call it your own is a godsend. Now if you are not familiar with what PLR content is then you may be thinking that taking anyone’s anything and calling it your own is just wrong.

In most cases you would be correct, but not with private label rights or PLR content.

That is its purpose.

People create the plr content so others can use it as is or better yet, change it or re-purpose it so the topic generally remains the same but some of the content has changed making it more unique.

When you purchase PLR content, whether it is plr videos, articles, software or a host of other content types, you are granted certain ‘rights’ that include some form of editing you can do with that plr content.

PLR Articles

When you are looking for plr content to use on your web site, you should try and avoid the “100 thousand plr article” packs that you can purchase for 99 cents or similar ‘deals’.

Instead, you should look for private label rights content that has recently been created, created by reputable individuals and if possible, published with limited numbers.

Tiffany Dow, Nicole Dean & Edmund Loh are just a few of the authors that can easily fall into the category of highly respected authors of plr articles and reports. You can visit the Warrior Forum or other Internet Marketing Forums and search the threads for PLR or private label rights authors and find many other possibilities as well.

PLR Videos

Private label rights or PLR videos are another highly sought after type of content that can and should be used as web site content.

Not all plr videos are allowed to be used as web site content so be sure and review the license terms that govern the plr videos before adding them to your site.

Tim Carter is one of the plr video creators that offer videos that are allowed to be used as web site content. Not all of his are this way, so again, be sure and review the license terms of his or anyone else’s private label rights videos before you purchase them for web site content.

Like Tim Carter, I also create plr videos and my private label rights single videos can be added to your web site as content either as-is or you can easily do a plr makeover first.

Whether you are adding written or video or both types of content to your web site, and you are doing so from private label rights content, you should first edit them to some degree or another.

At the very least you should alter the title. With written content things are a bit easier to edit the entire piece and you should read through it and make as many alterations as you can while still keeping the main topic intact.

With plr videos you are faced with a bit more of a challenge to do much editing without expensive software and some techie skills. The easiest ‘edit’ you can do with plr videos is to add an opening title screen or splash screen as some call it.

This can be done with Windows Movie Maker for PC users and iMovie for Macs.

You can do a search on Google for “how to add title screen using” and insert either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie at the end of that phrase for several guides on how to add your opening title screen.

Search Engine Payback

Search Engines love fresh new content. The more often your site can offer fresh new content, the search engines will reward you with the best kind of web site traffic – FREE & TARGETED!

So whether you are adding plr articles, plr videos or both to your web site, use quality content, do a little editing first and add the content often. You will be enjoying the fruits of your labor in the form of more visitors to your site.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please let me know by posting in the comments box.

– Steve Dougherty

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