PLR vs Copywriting

PLR vs. Copywriting

Getting fresh quality content on your website is important. I’ve posted plenty of articles here over the last several years saying this & giving examples of how you can do this.  But maybe you’re confused by the various ways and not sure which would work best for you. plr content

For most people, it’s going to be a choice between three:

  1. Writing the content yourself.
  2. Hiring somebody to write it for you
  3. Using PLR content.

The mechanics of the first option are, for the most part, pretty obvious. Writing content yourself gives you absolute power over your content. But then, it takes a lot of time and some skill too. Let’s face it – some people just aren’t good at writing (I am definitely in that group). But this article is going to focus on the other two options, PLR and ghostwriting.

Here are general overviews of what both entail, starting with ghostwriting:

  • You hire a writer who agrees to write for some form of compensation, usually money.
  • He is generally paid per article.
  • The very word “ghostwriter” means that your writer is anonymous. You get to claim the article as your own, and you own the rights to it.
  • Ghostwriters are often hired at copywriting services, large online websites that provide a kind of brokerage service between ghostwriters and clients.

The advantage of ghostwriting is  a large amount of control. Not as much as writing the article yourself, but since you are in direct communication with your writer, you get to be very specific, and customize the article to your liking. More often than not, ghostwriters will also agree to revisions as well, in case there is something about your finished articles that you dislike.

The downside to hiring a ghostwriter is the price. While a ghostwriter may only charge five to ten bucks (some as much as $40-$50 per page) for an article, this adds up quickly. If you need a source of regular content for your blog or website, a ghostwriter will quickly become a very expensive option.

Now, onto PLR:

  • PLR is usually bought in packages, or subscriptions. This means that you pay for multiple articles at the same time.
  • As with ghostwriting, PLR gives you the rights to the articles you receive. Some licenses vary in the amount of intellectual property rights that you are granted, but you can generally expect the ability to claim the article as your own, and to modify it.
  • PLR is always sold to multiple individuals. You aren’t the sole owner of any PLR article. A lot of PLR services, however, stop selling PLR after a certain amount of buyers.

I think that ghostwriters are the way to go ONLY IF you are having a product created & are not likely the best choice when it comes to website content like blog posts for example.

I say that strictly from the expense point of view.

I think your money could be spent more wisely on optimizing your site for free traffic from the search engines or even for paid traffic like PPC or PPV.

It’s like giving your dog a steak instead of hamburger.

He will love you equally whether it is the hamburger he is scarfing down or it is the steak – both are an awesome treat but the hamburger is easier on your wallet.

Okay, probably not the best analogy but it is close to lunch & I got beef on the brain.

As far as the PLR goes, the different kinds of PLR according to the rights you receive, the quality of the articles, and the price to pay, are quite numerous.  For a website focused around content, PLR is definitely going to be a much less expensive option, even if you are purchasing high quality PLR.

PLR subscription services are a huge advantage of PLR. Instead of purchasing articles in packs, it is possible to pay a specific amount of money for updated PLR every month. This isn’t usually an all-you-can-eat buffet deal, but the ability to find and stick with a subscription you like ensures that you will always have the content you really care about.

Some people think that PLR is not as good an option as ghostwriting, since multiple people end up with the same articles. But, since PLR generally allows for modification, this means that everybody can have different versions of the same content, just by altering the articles themselves.

Some people treat PLR articles like templates, using the contents information, but adding their own insight, stories and personality. In fact, some people will even purchase PLR articles, and then hire someone to rewrite them. This may seem counter intuitive, but in fact, even this option can cost less than hiring a ghostwriter, since rewrites do not usually cost as much as original content.

BAM!! The best of both worlds!

It is a misconception that either ghostwriting or PLR is a higher quality option than the other.  There is, indeed, bad PLR. But then, there are bad ghostwriters. However, the cost of good PLR is definitely much lower than the cost of a good ghostwriter.

In the end then, the choice really boils down to your basic needs. If you need large amounts of content, then PLR is definitely your best option financially. If you really need highly customized content, then hiring a ghostwriterkeyboard ~ blur is really the only other option besides writing the content yourself. For most people, the versatility of PLR will make it a veritable wild card of content, giving them the perfect mix of quality, simplicity, and content, all for the perfect price.



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– Steve Dougherty


2 thoughts on “PLR vs Copywriting

  1. PLR Products

    Okay, I totally agree, if you are looking at everything from a financial perspective, PLR is the way to go as compared to ghostwriting. However, its very important to know where one will find quality plr products because the junk pouring in great amounts on the net of late is unbelievable. Great post!

    1. SteveD

      Thanks for your comment Ryan.

      You are correct that you need to be careful with the PLR you acquire. When you do locate a source of quality PLR, don’t lose it!

      Also I want to wish you much success in your new site

      – Steve D.


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