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PLR Video Direct plr video into ebook imageIn this PLR Videos into eBooks tutorial, I want you to see how easy it is to re-purpose your private label rights videos into an eBook that you can then market in many different ways.

So first I want to begin at the end.

You have your newly created eBook freshly re-purposed from some of your PLR videos you have on your hard drive.

What can you do with this eBook?

A lot of your possibilities depend on if the license you have that governs the original PLR videos say anything about the derivatives you create form the original product. If it says nothing about the possible uses of the re-purposed items then you may want to contact the creator to find out.

In some cases, if enough of a change takes place from the original PLR video to the re-purposed product, the license governing the original will have zero power of the re-purposed item.  Basically this means you can do whatever you wish with the re-purposed PLR product.

Sell, Bonus or Giveaway?

Re-purposing PLR videos is not a good fit for lazy people. The process will require some effort however, the more often you re-purpose your private label rights videos, the easier it becomes and the more shortcuts you develop.

Your goal, besides just turning a video into an eBook, is to provide value to your Customers. When you spend your time & effort in re-purposing the plr video into an eBook, you want some type of return.

This return can come in the form of extra money from selling the eBook or adding it as some type of up-sell to another product.

It can come in the form of increased sales from the added value to another product you are promoting because you added the eBook as a bonus item.

Your return can even come in the form of adding subscribers or building your email list by giving the eBook away in exchange for someone’s email address and maybe their name as well. With proper email marketing, it is said that every person on your email list can equal 1 dollar a month in added revenue.

So whether you have a starter sized list of 20 or 30 people or a growing list of 1000’s, you can see that re-purposing a PLR video into a high-value eBook to simply giveaway, can be a very profitable return on your time & effort invested.


Okay, Rewind To The Beginning.

Here is my overview of the PLR Video Into an eBook process

1. Get the transcripts from the audio portion of the video
2. Gather images to be used in the eBook
3. Edit the transcripts so they make sense in an eBook
4. (optional) Find an eBook template that will add a layer of uniqueness & professionalism
5. Combine the text & images then other elements of a professional eBook like table of contents
6. Format if needed and then publish as secured PDF eBook

The main ingredient to our new eBook is the private label rights video package. Within that package you may have several items in addition to the actual videos. Items like graphics, PowerPoint slides, mp3 audios and even transcripts of the audio portion of the videos.

Not every PLR video creator delivers the same items that other PLR video creators do, so if yours is lacking an element or 2 then first ask the creator if you can have the ‘missing’ item and if not then try having that item created or do it yourself.

You should create or have created for you, new graphics for whatever product you will be creating from your private label rights video product. But the main item you should have for creating an eBook from your PLR videos is the transcripts from the audio portion of the video.

PLR videos will typically come in either a PowerPoint slide format or a ‘Look-Over-My-Shoulder’ type format. If your private label rights video is in the form of a PowerPoint slide video then your transcripts will be easier to use with much less editing involved.

If however, your PLR video is the ‘look-over-my-shoulder’ type, then you need to read through the entire set of transcripts and change any parts of it that cannot be logically translated into an eBook.

For example, if a section of the transcript is talking about a part of the video where you are being directed to a place on the computer screen – like…

“and when you move your mouse up here you will see this change form blue to green ”

Something like that portion of the video may be difficult to translate into the text of the eBook. Sometimes you can take a screen-capture (you can use a free tool like Jing to capture and edit the image) of that part of the video and use that image in the eBook to help illustrate the text but when you do not think a still image will work, then either re-write that part of the transcript or remove it all together.

Before you go further, be sure and save the edited transcripts using a different name than they were originally so you will have the original transcripts un-altered AND the eBook version of the transcripts.

If the transcripts you have been working on are in a text document (.txt) then you will now need to open either Microsoft Word or my preference, OpenOffice Writer.

Add the images to the proper areas of your eBook document. I suggest adding a table of contents to help your readers navigate the eBook and to make them clickable. Making a table of contents and to have the Chapters/page numbers hyperlinked is optional but I believe this little extra step will help with Customer loyalty which may turn into repeat Customers. Cha Ching!

Another optional item is to use an eBook template. I use templates that are made by Tracy Yates and are made for OpenOffice but can be easily converted for use with Microsoft Word.

Her templates have loads of placeholders like the headers, footers and even hyperlinked table of contents that you simply replace with your own.

Now all you need to do is export your document into a secured PDF eBook and you are ready to go.

I’ve created a video guide to further show you how this process works. I have made 2 separate videos on the same topic of how to re-purpose your PLR videos into eBooks.

One video is very detailed and has some bonus tips included but it runs almost 13 minutes.

The other video is more of the Readers Digest version and is 6 minutes 35 seconds long.

Both of them are below and if you would like to have links to download them for offline viewing simply let me know. Here is the link to the Contact Form in the navigation bar above.

Here is the full sized video

Here is the condensed 6 minute version

Thank you for your visit and please let me know of any questions, comments or suggestions.

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– Steve Dougherty


6 thoughts on “PLR Video How To Turn It Into An eBook

  1. Terry Jett

    Wow Steve, that is a great tutorial and advice.

    Had not given this method any thought but this can put new life into PLR from the past (or new for that matter).

    Great share my friend,


    1. Steve

      Thanks Terry, Glad you liked it! 🙂

      I hope re-purposing PLR videos becomes more the norm than the occasional practice.

      I have other ideas that I will be sharing so maybe these will help the masses realize that they should be buying MORE PLR videos 😉

      Have a great and safe holiday my friend!

      – Steve D.

  2. Dave Franzwa

    Hey Steve ~
    Very nice, my friend.

    I always look forward to seeing what you come up with next. It always seems to be fresh, insightful, and with just the right amount of humor to take what could otherwise end up being a drab, technical subject.


  3. John McDonnell

    Hi Steve

    PLR into an ebook, great stuff Steve you have have delivered quality product/Informations as usual.
    Very useful and informative video cant wait to see what you come up with next.

    As an aside what is the slide in with the video, is this a WP plugin?


    John Mc


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