PLR Videos Editing Intro and Outro Images

When it comes to editing Private Label Rights products, there are several items you can edit or re-purpose that can makeover your cookie-cutter PLR, into a profitable piece of content.

Profitable in generating income directly by selling it or indirectly by giving it away to build your subscriber list.

With written PLR content you should, among other things, change the title and graphics. With video PLR you should have an introduction image that tells the viewer something about the video they are about to watch. You should also have what is called an outro image that acts as a call to action for the viewer.

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

The outro or call to action image will contain the url to the landing page of your offer and a brief blurb telling the viewer to go there right now! You probably would not use those exact words but the idea is to get the viewer to take action.

One of the items I include with all my PLR video packages is the intro & outro images that can be used as-is or as place-holders so you can replace them with your own.

One way to replace them is to manually create your own images and add them to the beginning and end of each video which, by the way is very time consuming.

The other way is to use my included custom PSD image file along with my custom CamProj file and do in minutes what will otherwise take many hours to do manually.

Here is a short video I made that breaks everything down. How to edit the PSD file as well as how to quickly replace the default intro & outro images with your newly created intro & outro images.

After you click the play button & mouse over the video, the segment titles show up on the left so you can quickly click on and be taken to that section. Move your mouse off the video and those titles disappear.

This video is not hosted on Amazon s3 so it may take a few seconds to load.

For many more editing shortcuts, tips and techniques, please check out my newly updated video series called Your PLR Makeover

Let me know if you have questions, suggestions or comments.

– Steve D.

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