PLR Videos and How To Profit From Them

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Basically there are 2 ways to profit from private label rights or PLR videos.

Purchase & Resell PLR Videos

One way, and this is the way most people use, is to purchase the PLR videos and simply resell them.


1. Download your purchase

2. Upload them to your server

3. Edit or create a sales & thank you page for your clients to purchase and download from

4. Add the payment button to your sales page

5.  Add the PLR Video zip file links from your server to the thank-you/download page

6. Upload your sales & download page to your server and begin your marketing campaign to drive traffic to your sales page.

This is the ‘In-A-Nutshell’ version but it is a quick and simple way to profit from your purchase of PLR videos.

The one major drawback to this method of profiting from plr videos, is that most people use this method and the only real way to compete with everyone else is on price. So the price war begins and it is not long before the price is in the toilet and people are reselling that $47 series of videos for 5 bucks or less.

Now if you have a large and responsive mailing list then this method rocks. You can send out a notice to your subscribers within minutes of you uploading your sales & thank you pages as described earlier. Of course this requires you to have that large and responsive list of subscribers.

Purchase Then Re-Do Then Resell

The other way to profit from your private label rights ( PLR ) videos is to edit or re-purpose them before you upload them to your server as mentioned in step 2 in the previous option.

Disclaimer time…

This method will require some effort on your part. Even if that effort comes in the form of you looking for someone you can outsource the ‘work’ to.

If you are one of the bazillion people that are into Internet Marketing because you believed that person that said you can make buckets of bucks without any work at all…

Well I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. It is in the San Francisco area – it is a Golden Deal for sure!

Seriously though, one of the best ways to secure long-term success in Internet Marketing is to have your own product. With PLR videos, you have the ingredients to create several different products.

You can pull the audio out of the video and record an introductory segment in your own voice and add to the beginning of the audio and save as an mp3. You can offer the mp3 to capture subscriber leads or resell it or add as a bonus to your main offer.

You can market all your derivative (items you create from your PLR product) products in a similar fashion.

You can take the transcripts – if there are any – and read them while recording your own voice to be added in place of the original voice.

If you do not have access the transcripts of the video, then you might consider spending 5 bucks to get the audio portion transcribed. You may find someone on Fiverr or a similar type site that will offer their services outside of that site.

That link is to searching for transcribe audio and filtering the results by Rating. This is a good starting point for you. You might want to only check into those services that show a USA flag as another option to consider.

This allows them to make more money and in most cases will save you money in the process, especially if you have many videos (audios) that require transcribing.

PLR Video To New Video

Another editing option is to take elements of the private label rights video you purchased and create your own video and offer it as a brand new video. The new video can have your own voice and an entirely new and different look than the original.

Even the creator of the original might not recognize it.

I made a video that covers in detail, the steps I took in repurposing the original PLR video into a new video. You can follow each step as I show you the tools I used, where to get the tools & how to use the tools to make an entirely new video.

The full, in-depth video is a bit over 18 minutes in length. I’ve broken it up into 5 segments so you have the options of watching the 1 long video or the 5 shorter videos. Plus you can either watch online or download them to your computer and watch offline whenever you want.

Basically, the video(s) show how I created a PowerPoint slide video from the transcripts of the original private label rights video.

To start off with, I cover a couple of “Getting Organized” tips that can be a huge time saver.

I show you a trick to convert your transcript into the PowerPoint slides in just a few minutes.

Then I take screen captures of certain parts of the original video to be used in the PowerPoint slides that specifically reference that image. Then show how to add the images to the slides and some formatting and animation tips along the way.

Then we record the new video from the PowerPoint slides, edit the video then produce (render) the video in a web-ready flash format.

I try to cover every detail (the reason for the 18 minutes in length) so all your questions are answered before you ask them. However, if you have any questions at all, please let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  You can use the Contact Us (Click Here) form or simply leave a comment in the box below.

Here are the videos and below them are the links to download the videos.

Here is the full 18 minute version:
Try the Full Screen Look by clicking on the Full Screen Icon in the lower right corner of the video player. It looks like this…

full screen mode

Here are the individual videos. I’ve broken the 18 minute How To Re-Purpose Your PLR Video Into A New Video in to 5 shorter videos.


And here is the link to download the full 5 video zip file – 99 Mb in size

Download File

Thanks for checking out my post. I hope between the videos & the post itself, you have a better understanding of at least one way to profit from your PLR videos. Subscribe to my Newsletter so you can stay up to date on my up-coming tips and techniques on re-purposing your private label rights videos.

– Steve Dougherty



7 thoughts on “PLR Videos and How To Profit From Them

  1. Burt


    What perfect timing! I was just about to create a video on this same topic some of my students.

    Can’t wait to see how you do it…compared to how I was going to do it. I know I’ll get some great insight from it.

    I always enjoy the professional quality of your videos!


    1. Steve

      Thanks Burt.

      I’ll be demonstrating a few more ways to edit and profit from PLR videos in the coming weeks so be sure to check those out as well. 🙂

      – Steve Dougherty

  2. Bertram

    Very nicely done Steve, I like your style! You have a great teaching style, easy to understand and easy to follow. I was wondering if you’ve ever used the “Transcript” option in Camtasia 7.1? I haven’t, but I’ve been meaning to and you just motivated me to push that up my list.

    Thanks again Steve, I always look forward to new videos from you.


    1. Steve

      Hey Bertram,

      Thanks for the kudos 🙂

      I have used the ‘Transcript’ or speech-to-text option and when I get it totally trained to my voice, it will be difficult to spend money on transcriber services again 😉

      It is awesome. Something I do not see anyone else using, or maybe I just need to get out more.

      Not only can it add captioning to your videos but as you eluded to, it can transcribe your videos.

      This transcription can be a major value addition to anyone’s video products. As I touch on in this video – transcriptions can have multiple uses, all of which are very powerful.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

      – Steve Dougherty

  3. Shelle

    Hey Steve! This is just what I needed.

    This makes so much sense! It will completely change how i’ve been redoing my videos.

    Thanks for the training – very appreciated 🙂

    1. Steve

      Hi Shelle – Thanks for your comments, I’m glad the video was helpful.

      In the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding more ways to re-purpose PLR videos so don’t be a stranger 8)

      – Steve Dougherty

  4. Sheryl Schuff, CPA


    As usual, your instructions are clear and easy to follow. This is great information which I plan to use for my next PLR video project.

    You’re always very generous with the tips and techniques you share and I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to method #2.



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