plr video transcripts equal money

PLR Video Transcripts Can Be A Goldmine

PLR Video Transcripts Are More Than Just Words From A Video

Probably one of the LEAST used features of the PLR Video s are the audio transcripts.plr video transcriptions are a goldmine

Most of the customers I speak to about the use of the transcripts has to do with re-recording the audio into their own voice. While that is the main purpose of the audio transcripts, it is far from the only purpose.

In a previous post, I talked about the two different types of PLR videos – ‘Sets’ & ‘Series’

There are also two different Styles of PLR videos – Over-The-Shoulder style & the PowerPoint Slide style.

I’ll talk more about them in a minute.

With the ‘series’ type of PLR videos, the transcripts of the videos within the series are like chapters of an un-published eBook. Take some screen-shots of each video and add them to the beginning of each related chapter.

While this can be a little time consuming the first couple times you do this, there are services available that will do this for you and now you have a completely new & unique product created.

Now with the ‘sets’ type of videos like those WordPress videos at, there are even more opportunities available with the audio transcripts.

In addition to the eBook option, since they are detail packed individual videos, the transcripts are perfect for taking segments from them and using in blog posts, added training (in written format) for Facebook Groups / Pages even added to an emailed Newsletter. Take that a step further by including links back to your offer page that contains the ‘For Sale’ version of the complete content / video(s).

Now about those two different styles of PLR videos
& how they relate to the transcripts.

When you are re-purposing the transcripts, you need to be aware of how they ‘read’. When you read the transcripts do they make sense as-is or do they ‘read’ like…

..and when you click on this you open this and this button starts flashing then you need to do this before that happens.

If you are watching the plr video this came from while reading this then it will (hopefully) make sense, but just reading this without the visual help of the video, you are left scratching your head wondering what is clicked and what button starts flashing.

The PowerPoint Slide style is most always a text based video with maybe a few images scattered about. The transcripts from this style of plr video is most always easier to ‘read’ without major editing because the video itself is just a transcript with a voice.

The transcripts of the Over-The-Shoulder style video is a bit trickier to ‘read’ without major editing because there is a lot of demonstrations taking place and many of these PLR videos are just showing and not telling what they are doing because the video creator knows you are watching so why should they also say what they are doing.

I make a conscious effort to “Tell” as I “Show”

A few years ago, I began recording my Over-The-Shoulder style plr videos with the idea of more easily re-purposing the transcripts into eBooks. I do this by more clearly describing what I’m doing as I record these Over-The-Shoulder style videos.

It is a work in progress but with the help of an awesome transcriptionist  & me putting in that extra effort, most of my plr video transcripts can be re-purposed rather easy.

One of the drawbacks to doing my recordings this way is the time it adds to each video. My thought is that the extra minute or so that is added to each video is worth the added description that goes into each video. This helps the visually impaired to better understand the training as well as making the re-purposing of these transcripts much easier.

Let me know how or if you use the transcripts in the comments below.

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