PLR Video How To Edit Into MP3 Audios

PLR Video into mp3 audioIn an ongoing attempt to help you add value to your PLR videos, I would like to show you how to re-purpose your private label rights videos into an mp3 file.

MP3 audio files are not just for listening to the latest releases of Lady GaGa on your iPods. MP3 audios are also a great way to consume content about the latest marketing breakthroughs or any information related topics.

Whether the mp3 file is on your mp3 player and strapped to your arm during your morning workout or on a cd playing in your cars cd player, mp3 files are a valuable product that many marketers overlook as a derivative of their plr videos.

First Things First

Like with editing your PLR Video into an eBook, you will want to first spend some time editing your video file so that it will logically translate into an audio that your listeners will fully understand. Any part of the video that mentions or refers to what is showing on the computer screen that cannot be easily imagined by the listener, should be edited or removed.

If you have ever listened to an audio book then you probably have a better understanding of what I’m saying. If not, then try this. When playing the video, close your eyes and if what you are hearing makes no sense to you because you cannot see what is being pointed out in the video then that needs to be edited or deleted.

For a totally unique audio mp3, you should have the transcripts from the video and after editing, simply read the audio into a microphone or outsource it to a voiceover artist.

If you are planning to simply do some minor editing and then convert the video into an mp3 audio file, here are a few methods and tools to help get the job done.

Conversion Tools – Spend Time
Or Money

Converting your video file into an mp3 can be done easily with premium (paid for) tools like Camtasia Studio. The conversion process can also be done with one of several free tools. Using the free tools may take a bit more than a couple of mouse clicks like what is needed with Camtasia Studio, but you are also not spending a bunch of money either.

With Camtasia Studio you simply import media – your video file, then add it to your timeline then do any editing that may be desired. Editing like adding an opening sequence stating the title and a brief description of the mp3. You may also want to add something guiding the listener to additional, supplemental information like your video or eBook.

After your editing, [In Camtasia Studio 7] Go to File > Produce Special > Export Audio As > Select which track(s) to export click Continue then navigate to the location to save the file to. Then give the file a name and what file type to save as. Click the drop down arrow in the “Save as type” and select mp3, then click the save button.

If you are using Camtasia Studio 6 you Go to File > Save Audio As > navigate to the location to save the file to. Then give the file a name and what file type to save as. Click the drop down arrow in the “Save as type” and select mp3, then click the save button.

Free Conversion Alternatives

You can do a search for “convert avi into mp3 free” and get a bit over 18 million results. So if you do not have premium tools for repurposing your PLR videos into mp3 audio files, no biggie. There are more than enough free tools at your disposal.

I have used VLC as a player but it is also an awesome tool for many functions. Being a video player with loads of custom skins (looks) is but one use. You can also use VLC to convert your video files into mp3 audio files. Check out their wiki page for more details and uses.

A site that has many free conversion tools I’ve used in the past is If you start with their main page, I need to warn you that you can easily spend hours checking out all they have to offer. So to help keep you on track, here is a direct link to one of their tools and the instructions to use it to convert your private label rights video (avi file) into an mp3 audio file.

Another type of tool you might want to consider is one that does not require you to download and install software onto your system. Like the other free tools, there are several options for ‘web-based’ tools.

One such tool is ZamZar. Another is ConvertFiles. Both are similar in that they require you to upload the video file to them and they do the converting then you get the converted file in the form of a download.

They are not instant like what you receive from the programs you would download & install on your computer. Instead they send you an email when the conversion is complete. This can take a few minutes to several hours.

I hope this information will help you profit a little more from the private label rights videos you purchase or just have gathering virtual dust on your hard drive.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post.

– Steve Dougherty

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    Thanks for the great information that you share with us all.

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