PLR Video For How To Change Domain Nameservers

Changing your Domain Nameservers also known as DNS, is basically connecting your domain to your hosting service.

Once you have purchased your domain and have a web hosting account you need to assign your domain to that hosting account.

That is what we will be doing in this video – connecting your domain to your hosting service.How to change your DNS or Domain Nameservers

When you purchase your web hosting service you are sent some important information about your hosting account, among this information is what is called the Nameservers. These name servers need to be added to your domain name account in order for the internet to know that your domain name is yours and this also allows the world to see your soon-to-be totally awesome web site.

While this may sound really techie, it is very simple to do as you are about to see.

This video, like all the PLR Videos in My Store, go into further detail on the topic in an easy to follow step-by-step method.

These PLR videos can be fully edited (customized) or used as-is. They can be used as website content, sold (you keep 100% of what you sell) or even given away to help build your subscriber lists.

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3. Your PLR License that tells you what you can & cannot do with the PLR package you purchased.

4. Your video transcript.

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