PLR Video Editing Replace Audio Track

PLR4WP editing PLR videos by replacing audio tracksIn my PLR4WP video sets where I update them when WordPress decides to make changes or “improvements”, there are a couple ways I go about making the updated versions of an existing video.

The easiest and least time consuming method for ME is to simply record an entirely new video, create the graphics, produce the different video formats, and get the transcripts.

However, there are several of you (my customers) that use the transcripts to re-record the audio track and take the time to sync your new audio track to the original video track. You then render the video in your web-ready format.

So for these Customers, each updated video means they have to go through that process all over again.

Even though this process gets easier and faster each time it is done, it can still be time consuming or costly if paying a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do it for you.

So when possible, I’ll record the updated version without altering the audio at all.
(I might show you how I do that in a later post)

In these instances, all that is required is to separate the audio from the video within the video editor, then import the original voiceover recording you did and drag it to the timeline – save the project and produce.

Here is a short video guide to show you what I’m talking about.
I’m using the update to video 12 from Volume 03 of PLR4WP as an example.

Give it a go and if you have questions, suggestions or comments, please let me know.

– Steve D.

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