PLR Video How To Customize The WordPress More Tag

Here is a quick video guide on how to customize the WordPress More Tag.

In addition to showing you step by step just how easy it is to craft your custom More tag, I also cover 2 big reasons why you should use a More tag on all your WordPress posts.

plrvideodirect how to customize your WordPress more tag

If you would like to know about Click Here For The PLR Video On Customizing The WordPress More Tag

PLR Video Editing Replace Audio Track

PLR4WP editing PLR videos by replacing audio tracksIn my PLR4WP video sets where I update them when WordPress decides to make changes or “improvements”, there are a couple ways I go about making the updated versions of an existing video.

The easiest and least time consuming method for ME is to simply record an entirely new video, create the graphics, produce the different video formats, and get the transcripts.

However, there are several of you (my customers) that use the transcripts to re-record the audio track and take the time to sync your new audio track to the original video track. You then render the video in your web-ready format.

So for these Customers, each updated video means Continue reading

Merge Local WP Site With Live Site In 6 Simple Steps

6 Simple Steps To A Successful Merge Of A Localhosted WordPress Site With A Live Hosted WordPress Site

Recently I did a series of training videos on how to set up a localhost environment to develop WordPress site and then to move those ‘developed’ sites to a live host.

So Moving a local site to a live hosting environment is simple enough, as I demonstrated in videos 10 & 12 of that series.

Merging a local site with a live site that has changes on both, well that can be a bit more tricky.merge localhosted wordpress site with live site image

With that in mind I set out to find a solution.

What I found was a few different solutions and all of them were technically challenging to say the least. Of course if you’re a programmer or you are familiar with command line interface (CLI), then what I consider to be technically challenging, you may consider to be child’s-play.

So I did some tinkering and I think what I came up with will work in most every situation where, 1. You have worked on a site locally and
2. That same site in the Continue reading