Merge Local WP Site With Live Site In 6 Simple Steps

6 Simple Steps To A Successful Merge Of A Localhosted WordPress Site With A Live Hosted WordPress Site

Recently I did a series of training videos on how to set up a localhost environment to develop WordPress site and then to move those ‘developed’ sites to a live host.

So Moving a local site to a live hosting environment is simple enough, as I demonstrated in videos 10 & 12 of that series.

Merging a local site with a live site that has changes on both, well that can be a bit more tricky.merge localhosted wordpress site with live site image

With that in mind I set out to find a solution.

What I found was a few different solutions and all of them were technically challenging to say the least. Of course if you’re a programmer or you are familiar with command line interface (CLI), then what I consider to be technically challenging, you may consider to be child’s-play.

So I did some tinkering and I think what I came up with will work in most every situation where, 1. You have worked on a site locally and
2. That same site in the live host environment has had some posts added.

As I’m posting this article, my Birthday is in a couple days and my gift to you is some free white label (PLR) videos on how to Merge a Localhosted WordPress site with it’s Live hosted counterpart.

Here are 6 videos that cover each of the steps I outline in video 1. At the end of this post is a download link where you can download all 6 videos and do with them as you see fit.

Again, these videos are pure white label meaning there is no mention of me nor my sites (just the dummy sites I use in the demos) .

A good idea would be to use these as leaders or blog posts to promote your selling of Volume 04 that you purchased from me (hint hint). Of course if you haven’t purchased Volume 04 of the PLR4WP sets of videos, please feel free to do so now </self-promotion>.

Okay, seriously, you can do whatever you want with these and I hope they help you in more ways than one – My B-Day gift to you.

Video 1 – Explanation (overview) of the merge process 3:23 minutes

Video 2 – Exporting Live Site Files (kinda) 2:07 minutes

Video 3 – Import (step 2 files) Files Into Local Site 3:25 minutes

Video 4 – Fresh Backup Of Local Site 1:49 minutes

Video 5 – Replacing Live Site Files 3:13

Video 6 – Fixing & Troubleshooting Things 5:23 minutes

Download Link For All 6 Rebrandable PLR Videos: (if download gives you a problem, try refreshing your browser to ‘reset’ the timeout)

Download File

11 thoughts on “Merge Local WP Site With Live Site In 6 Simple Steps

  1. Don Hill

    Hey Steve! I’m a big fan of your videos! I really like the fact that they’re brief, yet convey the information covered in a very professional manner. I can’t wait to peruse this, the latest chapter in your series of WP training videos.

    1. plrvideomaster Post author

      Hello Don & thank you for the kind words and the Birthday wishes. Hope you enjoy the videos and if you have questions on how you can best re-purpose them just let me know.

      Have a great week Don.

    1. Steve Dougherty Post author

      Hi Jenn,

      Thank you for stopping by and checking out the post. You are welcome for the WordPress tips and if you need any help, please feel free to drop me a line.

      Have a great week.

      – Steve D.

    1. Steve Dougherty Post author

      Hi Helen & great to meet you as well.
      Thanks for dropping by and checking out the videos. If you ever have any questions or ideas you want to run by me please feel free to contact me.

      Have a great weekend Helen.

      – Steve D.

  2. Dennis McRae

    Thank you so very much. for your generous gift. I have been a fan for many years and will continue to follow and purchase your excellent products. Happy Birthday!


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