Making Money With Private Label Rights Products

Making Money With Private Label Rights Products

The only way to make money with PLR or Private Label Rights Products is with eBooks.



Just speaking for the online marketers in this post, because offline private label rights products have been, and continues to be an multi-million dollar business.

Many grocery items are PLR products. Your ‘Best Choice’ or ‘Always Save’ products are just a couple that come to mind.

But this post is about the online digital products and how eBooks are just one of many PLR products that can produce huge profits for your online business.

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

NOTE- With any re-purposing and reselling of PLR products you must always make sure you have the permission to do what you are planning to do. Always review the license terms that govern your private label rights products BEFORE you jump into your brilliant re-purposing plan.

That said…

PLR graphics are rarely thought of as a product creation goldmine. How much do you pay to have someone create an entire set of graphics for your product? $10 – $200 depending on what all you are wanting.

The mini site, eCovers, squeeze page, testimonial boxes, banners and what ever else you want to make your new product stand out from the masses of other products being released.

With a little imagination and the proper tools for image editing, your collection of used PLR graphics can be mashed together to form a sets of…

  • Custom Add To Cart buttons
  • Images of people with transparent backgrounds
  • Cool looking bullet and arrow images of various colors and sizes
  • Headers & matching footers for various niches
  • Custom background images

These ideas might get you thinking of other ways you can put your stash of images to use.

Here is an idea that is from way out in left field.

Do you have any video squeeze page templates that you have the source files too?

Pull them into your html editor and re-arrange the code and use it as a menu template for your CD’s. Totally clueless as to what I’m talking about?

When you purchase my PLR videos (what a segway!) and after you have made your branding edits to them and you want to add more value to them by burning them to a DVD or CD, well you may want them to ‘Auto-Play’. When your customer inserts the CD into there computers CD player, a menu automatically pops up on the monitor showing the various pages on the CD as well as navigation links to the videos.

Instead of creating the html page from scratch that the video will play from, how about re-purposing a video squeeze page for a quicker and possibly fancier looking page for the video to play from.

While you might remove the email capture form and in its place put some other product promotion or offer, why not have both.

As long as your customer has an internet connection, if they are properly enticed in giving you their name and email from the form on your video page, you can WOW you customer with an awesome auto-play CD AND build your mailing list at the same time.

These are just a couple of ideas you can use to put your other PLR products to profitable use, in addition to your PLR eBooks & Articles.

Can you think of other PLR products you can re-purpose for higher profits?

For those of you that said PLR Videos…move to the head of the class 😉

Thanks for taking the time to read my post today. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

Steve D.

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