Video-How To Create Mirror Effect With Gimp

How To Create Mirror Effect With Gimp

This is also a re-post from September 2009 (3 videos in this series)

Here is another video I made for you on how to create a web 2.0 mirror effect for your text or images, only this time it is using Gimp instead of PhotoShop.

Gimp is an open source or FREE image editing software with loads of functionality. It has much of the same feel and options as the more expensive cousin – PhotoShop – only without the price tag.

You can download the version of Gimp for your Windows computer here. and for the Mac users you can head over to here

As far as the videos I made for you..

You can download the video through the download links below this video. You have unrestricted private label rights to the video so you can do with it as you see fit.

You can edit it completely, you can add your own brand and give it away to your list subscribers as well as use it to gain additional subscribers to your lists. You can add them to your Membership site or just brand them and use as fresh content in your blog or web site, the choice is totally yours.

> You can download all 3 formats if you wish <

Click Here For The AVI (source file)

Click Here For The WMV (source file)

Click Here For The MP4 (HD Flash file)

Thank you for checking out the video. Please let me know what you think and if you have different methods you use to do this – let me know and I’ll be happy to give you credit within the video I make using your method.

I’ll post another video on how to do this effect with zero software AND nothing up my sleeves.

Talk to you then


Steve Dougherty

4 thoughts on “Video-How To Create Mirror Effect With Gimp

  1. Nenito B. Fernandez

    Happy New Year to all of you out there! Thank you very much for sending me this. I do hope this could help me a lot and helping me to earn money online as Sir Chris Farrell have said a year ago.

  2. Guillaume

    Thank you very much, the layer mask solved my issue with not seeing the background image behind the reflection.


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