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Private Label Rights Content Get It Change It Sell It

When I was a kid one of my favorite toys was my Lincoln Logs.

PLR Video DIrect Lincoln Logs ImageI started with a single set and would build a little cabin. As I got more sets I could combine them and make bigger cabins or a bunch of little cabins or a cool fort.

What the heck does this have to do with Private Label Rights?

Just like with my Lincoln Logs (kinda), PLR products can be used to make many different (digital) items.

One of the biggest problems I have seen in dealing with private label rights products is Continue reading

PLR Videos Editing Intro and Outro Images

When it comes to editing Private Label Rights products, there are several items you can edit or re-purpose that can makeover your cookie-cutter PLR, into a profitable piece of content.

Profitable in generating income directly by selling it or indirectly by giving it away to build your subscriber list.

With written PLR content you should, among other things, change the title and graphics. With video PLR you should have an introduction image that tells the viewer something about the video they are about to watch. You should also have what is called an outro image that acts as a call to action for the viewer.

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

The outro or call to action image will contain the url to the landing page of your offer and a brief blurb telling the viewer to go there right now! You probably would not use those exact words but the idea is to get the viewer to take action.

One of the items I include with all my PLR video packages is the intro & outro images that can be used as-is or as place-holders so you can replace them with your own.

One way to replace them is to manually create your own images and add them to the beginning and end of each video which, by the way is very time consuming.

The other way is Continue reading

11 Ways To Customize PLR Without Re-Writing It

PLR Content plrvideodirect.comI’m a huge advocate of re-doing PLR to some degree or another before putting it to use BUT..,

When you purchase quality PLR, doing a full re-write is not necessary & if it is then I would say it would not qualify as ‘quality PLR‘.

So here are 11 ways to customize PLR without totally re-writing it (these are NOT in any order or preference).

  1. Add videos (hint hint). You can create your own videos or you can find relevant videos to embed from, oh I don’t know.., maybe this site. Videos can provide further ideas, opinions or demonstrate a process shown in the written content.
  2. Use the content as an addition to a product you’ve created from scratch. If you’ve already got a product you’ve created, adding PLR can fill in some gaps and the overall flavor of your content is still completely original.
  3. Add photos or other images. You can pay for images at places like or you can find free ones at and Images help your content stand out and can create a visual reinforcement of what the content is all about.
  4. Add links. Include useful links to resources, tools and products that your target audience would be most interested in.
  5. Include charts, graphs and diagrams. Not only does they make your content stand out, but charts, graphs and diagrams can make it easier to understand and digest your content. Just going a little extra mile can make all the difference.
  6. Create worksheets or checklists to complement the content you publish. If you’ve got a how-to article or report, taking a few minutes to give your readers an extra like a worksheet or a checklist will go a long way.
  7. Add statistics and facts for further credibility. Look for related facts that you can use in your content. There are a variety of websites that provide statistical information, including many government websites.
  8. Make your own drawings. If you’ve got an artistic flair, consider making your own drawings to illustrate your content. Art is very personal and gives your readers a real glimpse into who you are.
  9. Insert your own point of view into the content. This is the easiest and most straightforward thing you can do. Adding your own unique thoughts will allow you to connect with your audience better.
  10. When it comes to reports, add an introduction and conclusion specifically from you. This can make all the difference when getting your target audience’s attention and showcasing you as an authority in your market.
  11. Niche it. General content can be adapted to specific niches. For example, an article on weight loss could be altered to target women after pregnancy, diabetics and other groups.
  12. Add product recommendations. If you have personal experience with products related to the content, include that information. It’s useful to your readers and shows you have experience with the topic.
  13. Current events and news. Make your content more relevant by using current events to further illustrate a point. Not only is it helpful to your readers, but it also shows you as someone who is aware of what’s going on and what matters.


Just a little more than 11.

Okay so math is not one of my strong points but these are still only some of the possibilities you have at your disposal when it comes to editing your PLR.

In addition to these ideas, you need to remember that with most all PLR products you are not limited to the number of times you can repurpose the same content.

Thanks for reading my post. Please let me know if you have questions, suggestions or comments.

– Steve Dougherty