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PLR Video Black Friday 2015 Coupon Code

I swear the older you get the faster times flies. Just yesterday it was April and the grass was turning green and I was getting ready to plant my peppers and tomatoes.

Here is a 60% discount coupon [2015bf60] for any PLR videos set shown on the My Store page The coupon can be used as often as you wish & it expires Monday November 30th at 11:59PM EST

Well here in the United States, we are celebrating Thanksgiving.

A time when we are (or should be) thankful for all our blessings.

Here is a quick & factual (kinda) video of the History Of Thanksgiving. plr video transcripts equal money

PLR Video Transcripts Can Be A Goldmine

PLR Video Transcripts Are More Than Just Words From A Video

Probably one of the LEAST used features of the PLR Video s are the audio transcripts.plr video transcriptions are a goldmine

Most of the customers I speak to about the use of the transcripts has to do with re-recording the audio into their own voice. While that is the main purpose of the audio transcripts, it is far from the only purpose.

In a previous post, I talked about the two different types of PLR videos – ‘Sets’ & ‘Series’

There are also two different Styles of PLR videos – Over-The-Shoulder style & the PowerPoint Slide style.

I’ll talk more about them in a minute.

With the ‘series’ type of PLR videos, the transcripts of the Continue reading

PLR Videos Editing Intro and Outro Images

When it comes to editing Private Label Rights products, there are several items you can edit or re-purpose that can makeover your cookie-cutter PLR, into a profitable piece of content.

Profitable in generating income directly by selling it or indirectly by giving it away to build your subscriber list.

With written PLR content you should, among other things, change the title and graphics. With video PLR you should have an introduction image that tells the viewer something about the video they are about to watch. You should also have what is called an outro image that acts as a call to action for the viewer.

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

An Example Of A Video Outro Image

The outro or call to action image will contain the url to the landing page of your offer and a brief blurb telling the viewer to go there right now! You probably would not use those exact words but the idea is to get the viewer to take action.

One of the items I include with all my PLR video packages is the intro & outro images that can be used as-is or as place-holders so you can replace them with your own.

One way to replace them is to manually create your own images and add them to the beginning and end of each video which, by the way is very time consuming.

The other way is Continue reading