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PLR Video Direct how to add Google Custom Search to your site

Google Custom Search-How To Add It To Your Site

In the previous post I showed you that adding the PLR Video Transcripts to your Membership sites along with the training videos, can help your Members quickly locate videos simply by typing in a keyword or phrase into your sites search box.

Well not every WordPress sites default search feature works perfectly all the time.

This post will solve that problem by showing you Continue reading

Google Analytics And Filters Part One

GA-LogoAndFiltersGoogle Analytics is all about tracking and reporting information about the people that visit and the actions that take place on your web site(s).

This information or data in these GA reports is a virtual goldmine. One of the built-in tools of Google Analytics is the filters. With Filters you can include or exclude certain bits of this data to customize your reports.

One specific filter you should create as soon as you have your GA account setup is to exclude your own activity within your web site.

This way all the data being collected to see how your visitors get from your landing pages to your buy buttons or your optin forms or whatever you are tracking, will not be skewed by your activity – making site adjustments, creating new posts/pages and so on.

This video shows you two different ways to tackle this. If you are interested in more tutorials on using Google Analytics and up to date (as of 2015-11-30) tips on Gmail, then after you’ve watched and learned from this video head to Google Tools Volume 07 (opens in new tab)

Thanks for checking out my post and if you have questions, please post them in the comments.

Steve D.

Video Proof Getting Ranked On Page 1 Of Google In Less Than 5 Minutes

google page 1 rankFirst off I want to apologize for the huge size of the video because I recorded my entire screen so everything could be shown. Ya know…nothing up my sleeves… 🙂

Anyway, this video shows me publishing the post just prior to this post, on the December 2011 coupon for

The video is recorded using Jing which will record a great video but the max length is 5 minutes and I think there was about 40 seconds left when I refreshed the Google page the last time and showed where I was at the 3rd, 4th & 5th position on the first page.

This is not meant to be a lesson in SEO or any lesson actually. Just a short video of me having fun with getting top ranking on Google.

As a matter of fact, I just checked Bing & Yahoo and Yahoo is number 2 position page 1 & Bing is also number 2 page 1.

I’m sure there are several elements that come into play in order for this to happen. Maybe one day I’ll spend the time to note it all down and post that here as well. 😉

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my video.

– Steve D.

PS. Please feel free to purchase a domain from Namecheap using the coupon and if you click on the link in my post for the December coupon, I’ll get a little coin in my pocket as well as you getting a discounted price. Win-Win!