Can You Find A PLR Package That Over Delivers?

Can You Find A PLR Package That Over Delivers?

On the top of any Internet marketer’s wish list is the perfect information product, all shiny and “ready to drive off the lot fully loaded,” like a quality written PLR eBook with all the trimmings such as graphics, articles and autoresponders.

Does this seem like a dream?   Actually, there are some great PLR packages out there, but you have to look around and do some detective work.  You might start your search in some of the IM Forums like the Warrior Forum and look in the classifieds section or even ask who has this kind of offer.

While you will have to poke around and maybe even get on a waiting list, there are PLR membership websites that offer very nice PLR packages that are like a one stop shop.  Some membership sites will even take suggestions from members for topics that haven’t been covered yet.

What does a perfect PLR package look like?  First off, you will look for one that is in a hot, evergreen niche like one that has to do with health, weight loss, relationships, hobbies and sports and the ever popular, “how to make money” and Internet marketing niches.

For the actual PLR package, it’s great to get a 30+ page eBook which has basic formatting and a cover graphic, a smaller report to offer as a freebie on the squeeze page, a nice looking sales page with header graphics, 10+ article pack for use on blog or as auto responder follow ups, and a nice looking squeeze page template.

What can you expect to pay for such an over the top product?

Let’s first see how much you would expect to pay if you hired someone to do it for you.  If you had to pay a ghostwriter you can expect to put out $10 to $30 a page for the eBooks and articles.  That’s $500 and up.  The graphics for the cover and header for the sales page goes for $30 to $100 or more.

The sales letter would go for a minimum of $500 to $1,000 for a decent one.  All totaled, that’s a lot of shiny coins for a one of a kind product on a budget.  You could easily pay 10 times that for top billed writers and designers.

If you come across a site that you pay $50 – $199 a month for the PLR kit, then you’re doing very well.

Be aware of how many others are grabbing the same packages that you are. Usually, the lower the price of the Membership, the more Members there are. The more Members, the more watered down the plr package can be.

Consider though, that even if there may be 200 licenses being sold (Members), statistically only about 10% of those will ever be used.

Happy Hunting 🙂

Steve Dougherty

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